Launch your side loaded apps with our app launcher. This allows you to see all the apps you have sideloaded onto your quest and lets you launch them from the menu screen. Now you can see images and titles of all your unknown source apps.


Supports launching both 3D and 2D apps
Auto-categorizes apps as Quest, Go / GearVR or 2D
Support for custom categorization
Support for custom app icons and names (by default, uses app name and icon from the app’s apk)
Support for resizable grid
Support for downloading app icons and names, including auto-updating
Support for sorting alphabetically or by most recently used
Support for renaming apps
Support for custom 360/cubemap 3D backgrounds
Supports hand tracking


There are various options available in Settings. These are:

Automatic Tabs: By default, the launcher will display automatic tabs (Quest, Go/GrearVr and 2D). This setting allows you to specify the position of these tabs (left, top, right or off).
Custom Tabs: Custom tabs allow for arbitrary categorization (like genre etc). See below for how to configure these. This setting, like the above, allows you to specify the position of these tabs (left, top, right or off).
Sort By: Whether to sort alphabetically or most recent.
Show 2D: Whether to show 2D apps.
Grid Size: How many columns & rows to display.
Background: Pick a custom 3D background (see below).
Auto Update & Update Now: Whether to auto-update app icons & names and whether to update these now — see above.
Reset Hidden Apps: This setting un-hides any hidden apps. See below regarding hiding apps.
Reset Renamed Apps: This setting changes app names back to their default. See below regarding renaming apps.

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