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About Arrows

A VR Bow & Arrow game in which you have to protect villages, castles and sacred places from enemies by using Bow & Arrow skills.
In each session, the enemies will run to reach your castle or village entrance. You must defeat them before too many can do it so. Aim for their big heads for best results.

Enemies will attack in waves of 3 to sometimes more than 20 at times. Currently, Arrows features 3 places to be defended from Vikings and their Giants who want to attack them – Northern Village, Icy Island and Frozen Valley.

As you progress though your campaign, you can defende each village in three progressively difficulty modes. Dawn, dusk and night. As in:

Northern Village by Dawn – Test and learn how to to best defend your places with 7 simple waves with fewer enemies.
Northern Village by Dusk – Put yourself to test with 10 waves with a lot more foes to defeat, during a peaceful sunset.
Northern Village by Night – also known as the longest of nights with 15 really long waves of hard enemies to defeat (recommended for expert VR archers only).
Therefore there are indeed 9 different levels to be experienced – three per village – in this pre-release.

You can also unlock special powers to help you defeat your enemies faster. There are two different powers to unlock – Fire and Ice.

Fire – deals 2x damage to the enemy. Unlock by successfully defending Frozen Valley by Dawn or Icy Island by Dusk or Northern Village by Night.
Ice – freezes the enemies in place for 5 seconds. While frozen the enemy can also be damaged and defeated. Unlock by successfully defending the most challenging level – Frozen Valley by Night
Power-ups can be equipped before the level begins and become available as in-game unlimited supply torches where you light your arrows on fire or magical ice.

There is also a cannon – which is available from the start of your game – which is very powerful and that can be extremely helpful in dealing a lot of damage to the enemies. After each explosion the cannon takes some time to be ready for the next use. Use it wisely!

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