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About Cactus Cowboy 3

Cactus Cowboy is back in a new VR First Person Shooter adventure. Free Cactus World from the alien robot invasion with the help for your huge arsenal of deadly weapons. Shoot your way from your Cacti Desert all the way to the moon and fight back the Invasion alongside with the mighty cactus army! Free Cactus City and help the cacti of the windmill woods out of the misery.

More than 20 different weapons and a prickly pair of cactus fists is your arsenal that can be found and is given to you by your friendly cactus amigos. Unlock the gun range by finishing the game and play your favorite part of the game again with the weapons of your choice.

A full fledged story game (at least 3.5h in dev speedrun) that will require all your shooting and moving skills combined. No random mission clicking, no waves – just a good old semi linear story.

This solo dev project will bring your vr skills to the limit.

Streamers attention:

Support Oculus Mixed Reality with Liv Mobile and other Mixed Reality Capture Tools.

Supports all bHaptics grear

Supports all ProTube haptic gear

Developer Note: My 3rd Game I ever made (and finished) and I hope you can enjoy my personal masterpiece. There is a lot of heartblood in it. I’ve been working for more than a year now on this Cactus Cowboy Episode with the mindset to create a single player story shooter, that doesn’t dumb vr things down.

I wanted fast paced action, packed with a minimal story and VR gunplay, and I think I made something that comes close to what I can pull off all alone. The project grew in size and it became almost impossible for me to handle (read: find all the bugs).

Anyway, I guarantee at least 3.5h of story/action! My beta tester said it took him 5.5h to finish. Beat my 3.5h! This time, I implemented various difficulties that can be changed ingame, and also thought of you left handed peeps as well. Gotcha all covered, well, except those prone to motion sickness and fear of heights.

Want to support me? Feel free to buy me a beer on

Thank you for playing, and big thanks to creative common asset creators and other content creators.

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