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“Isn’t this just Beat Saber without the blocks?” VRTREND MAY 2021 ISSUE

Ever wanted to kiss Girlfriend FNF in real life? Well, you can’t. This game doesn’t let you either, but it does let you experience what it’s like to be Boyfriend (especially how tall he is) and defeat all who oppose his relationship with GF with THE POWER OF MUSIC!!!

Controls: Move your hands in the direction you wanna hit when arrow over other arrow. And don’t die lol.

For a full list of bugs, join the FNFVR Discord!



1) Quest 1 + 2 ports??? Rift S???

you are looking at them rn


I literally cannot bc I don’t own the FNF characters + also that requires a special version of Godot that only third-party publishers have so unless the planets align in your favor it is never happening

3) What about [insert device here]

Yeah so long as it supports SteamVR on Windows

4) Can you add [modded character]?

If a model exists for them and it’s in the appropriate style, then MAYBE, although it’s gonna be a lotta work just to put in the original 7 weeks + the game will be open source eventually sooooooooo

5) is this even legal???

Because ninjamuffin basically said “do whatever the funk you want with the files idc”, yes. yes it is

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