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About Hand Physics Lab

Unleash the Power of your Hands in this Experimental Physics Sandbox!

NOTE: You need to activate Hand Tracking in Settings: https://uploadvr.com/how-to-enable-quest-hand-tracking/

Enjoy VR like never before by having full control of your hands and fingers to interact physically with your environment and many different objects and experiences!

Hand Physics Lab is an experimental project created and developed by Dennys Kuhnert and forged at the Holonautic Studio, also behind the well known fun and fast-paced physics-based action VR Game Holoception.

Discover the unique universe of Hand Physics Lab where you will need to fulfill a variety of tasks and puzzles with nothing but your hands!

You will go through more than 80 different puzzles and experiences to unlock multiple playgrounds where you will have full freedom to draw, build and play!

From painting eggs with your fingers, building cube towers, using magnets and telekinesis, shaking hands with your clone, petting a virtual cat, and so much more!

You will definitely put your hands in action!

Fully playable with hand tracking and/or touch controllers

To follow up on updates and future announcements you can follow these twitter channels:

The Creator https://twitter.com/DennysKuhnert
The Game https://twitter.com/HandPhysicsLab
The Studio https://twitter.com/Holonautic
If you want to discuss and share your feedback join the Discord!


Have fun!

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