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About Harvest VR

It’s a beautiful day out here in the countryside. Might as well enjoy it doing your job. Grow some plants, sell some veggies, or head to town to buy some new tools for the farm.

Our goal is to release regular content updates, new mechanics, and tweaks to existing systems based on community feedback and discussions, so we would love for you to join us on our discord and help us shape this game!


Enjoy the countryside.
Grow more than 30 different kinds of plants.
Tend to your animals.
Catch over 10 different types of fish.
Mine lots and lots of ores!
Cook meats, fish, vegatables and a lot more!
Sell vegetables to gain money and buy new tools.
Work hard or hardly work.
Work at day or night with the daynight cycle.
Continue your journey with saving inside your house.
Play with real time OR play with a faster simulated time.
Unlock items for your house or the farm!

Buy us a drink!
We spend a lot of time working on this in our free time. The game is free, but you can buy us a drink if you like to show some us some praise.

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