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About Paint Over!

Coop party game for two players (one in the Quest, and one to look at a website) You take on the role of painting restorer and your task is to fix several paintings that are incorrectly colored in some parts. However, you don’t know what the correct colors are! Another player takes on the role of expert: their task is to find the painting you’re looking at on the accompanying catalogue website at, and communicate what the correct colors are.

In summary, the game flows like this:

VR player hits the button to start, a random painting is presented.
VR player communicates to the expert the various elements shown in the painting.
The expert matches the description to a painting on the catalogue website.
The expert then communicates back what color each element is supposed to be.
The VR player corrects any errrors, and hits the button (or the time runs out) to calculate the score! You’d need to have fixed at least 75% of the incorrect coloring.
Hit the button again to go to the next painting.
The game has 6 stages, which gradually increase in difficulty. You have three lives (stars) to try to complete all stages, if not, it’s Paint Over! Created for Global Game Jam 2020.

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