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About Paradiddle

Paradiddle lets you play drums in VR without the limitations of the real world. It opens up many possibilities for learning how to drum, through an intuitive interface, a realistic sound system and recording-playback capabilities.

Features Overview:
25 types of percussion instruments including drum kit drums, mallet percussion instruments like the xylophone, marimba and glockenspiel, and auxiliary percussion such as bongos, tambourines and timpanis.
Realistic and responsive sound system. Each drum plays different audio samples based on a variety of factors, such as how hard or what part of the drum was hit. Some instruments in the app have 100+ audio sample variations based on these parameters, which leads to the natural sound you get when you play.
Easily save and load different kits, and record and share your sessions with others.
USB and Bluetooth pedal support to control your kick drum and hi-hat.
Ability to load any song or audio file in your Quest file system in the app.
You can find a full overview of the Quest version features, instructions on pedals and custom audio files, and a comparison of the PC and Quest versions on the Paradiddle Quest Release Notes.

Note Highway Out Now!
We’ve added a Note Highway system, meaning you can now use any instrument in the app and play along to your favorite songs in a style similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero. We have custom song support as well.

This is a beta release of the app as we gear up for a Version 1.0 Quest launch, and your feedback is extremely valuable for us in this stage. Feel free to let us know any comments or suggestions, or any issues you might have run into on our Discord.

Happy drumming!

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