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The fan-made Pokémon VR Alpha Features:

The game requires an Oculus Quest headset.
The Unofficial Pokémon VR includes favorites up to Gen 7.
You can battle with real players in VR

Pokemon battle portrayed in the Pokemon VR fan made game for Oculus Quest. Screenshot of February Alpha .

You might want to experience this fan-made world sooner than later. Nintendo has a history of shutting down fan made games such as the 2016 Pokemon Uranium which got millions of downloads. In their Android Central interview, the Developers said, “If Nintendo forces us to shut down, we will comply with [them]. Our plan B is to reskin all the characters/creatures/maps and rework the branding.” The developers are committed to creating virtual worlds. But for now, they are Pokemon VR trainers, and they’re happy to showcase the positive characteristics of building and strengthening the Pokemon fan community.

Overall, Pokémon Virtual Reality (VR) shows a lot of promise. It is the next logical step from Pokémon Go’s augmented reality. Despite being in alpha, the developers have the foundation of a great game. Anyone interested in Virtual Reality should take a look at the fan-made Pokémon VR. Afterall, there’s nothing like seeing Pikachu, Bulbasaur, and Gyarados in their natural habitat with your own eyes.

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