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Learn Sideloading Content on the Meta Quest 2 (2023)

Since this guide covers the process of sideloading content on your Quest 2, it does have certain requirements you must fulfill before we begin the process. However, if you’re someone already aware of those, use the table below to jump to your needed section.

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Is Sideloading on the Meta Quest 2 (2023) Legal?

Before we begin the process of sideloading anything, let’s get the big virtual elephant out of the room. Reading the topic, we know you must be concerned whether you can get banned from using your Quest 2. However, don’t worry as sideloading legal content on your headset is perfectly fine and Facebook allows it accordingly.

How Do I Sideload Content on the Quest 2?

Since the Oculus Quest 2’s architecture basically works like an Android device, anyone can simply Install ADB on their platform and sideload content using commands. However, most users are not familiar with ADB and quite honestly, it’s not worth the hassle in this case.

We will be using third-party software called VRSideLoader. Working in a very easy way, VRSideLoader is software that allows Quest 2 users to sideload all types of content on their devices. The app even has a dedicated storefront where you can try apps and games not available on the Oculus Store. As mentioned above, VRSideLoader is perfectly legal to use and you can sideload content on your Quest 2 without worries. All it requires is a one-time set up which we will be doing accordingly. We will be using the PC one to make sure all users can easily sideload content.

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