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About Slenderman The Eight Pages VR

This Project Is Still In Development And Things Will Change!

This Is A UNOFFICIAL Recreation Of Slenderman The Eight Pages In VR, I Created This Project Because Slenderman Isn’t Really Talked About Much Anymore And I Haven’t Seen Many Virtual Reality Versions Of Slenderman With 6 Degrees Of Freedom So I Decided To Put My Time Into Making A VR Version From Scratch.

Thank You To Parsec Productions For Creating Such An Amazing Game Which Provided Lots Of Scares And Laughs For Everyone And I Hope I Can Immerse That Horror Just As Good Using VR.

In order to play this game you must own the “Slenderman – The Eight Pages” game.

The game is available to download for free at:

After downloading the game, extract the .zip file and copy the “Slenderman – The Eight Pages_Data” folder to another folder that you make called “VoltageProjects” on your quest.

After copying the folder the application should start, if you have any issues contact me on Sidequest or Discord for help.



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