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This version of Slowp is old and doesn’t represent the current state of the game. If you’re interested in trying the new version and help by giving feedback and also creating maps for the game join us at:

Watch this video to check all the new things we’ve been working on:

Snowboard in VR immersed on a daydream setting using real carving physics and full control of the board. Featuring experimental level design elements like bowls, jumps, narrow and large trails and some crazy extra shapes. It is built as a free roam experience, the point is to find your own thrill by exploring and experimenting with tricks along those mountains!

For now, this project is not trying to be anything greater than an unfinished experiment. Judge it with that in mind.

If you are prone to motion sickness, maybe you shoudn’t play
You only have to position your hands to the side pointing the board forward and start making turns.
Keep in mind that the board wont follow the terrain by itself, that’s your job to point it forward and tilt it to carve correctly.
You can look to the music player that is on your board and press trigger to press the button you’re looking at.
This experience is a prototype and bugs will happen, some of them can end the experience and the app needs to be restarted. Main prototype problems:

Sometimes the physics go bad and undesired VR experience could happen, to prevent it I just reset your position to the start point before it goes crazy. It’s not so frequent but it will probably happen if you play for more then 10 minutes.
Sound effects design is in need of polish specially because there are hickups on the carving sound and also all SFX are placeholder.
Sometimes you can end up bumping on an invisible wall or suddenly bump up without aparent reason. That’s a lack of physics refining.
Level design will be constantly improved, but for now there are many ways you can fall off the map or get stuck. Just press any Button to restart.

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