Spooky Night 2

  • Spooky Night 2
About Spooky Night 2

Completely revamped visuals, tons of game-play, jam packed with multiple levels, new characters, new monsters, new weapons and new objectives! (Mini Boss Fights) ( 4 weapons ) ( 13 Enemies ) Fun for the whole family RPG ADVENTURE game.

The Witch Grimelda is still at it! Stealing children and growing her monster minion army. In this sequel you will be taken back to the first place you encountered Grimelda , prepared and equipped with your homemade weapons you confront her. Amused by your challenge she dares you to attempt to defeat her. You must free captured children along the way, and are sent on a fun spooky magical adventure before your final battle.


Spooky Cemetery
Enchanted Forest
Spider Queen’s Den
Orc Camp
The Pumpkin Patch
Beetle’s Dune
Dragon’s Nest
Grimelda’s Lair

Will you be the one to finally defeat Grimelda once and for all ? Or will this second chance leave you lost as one of her monsters forever !

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