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About Spooky Night Quest

Spooky Night: The Grimelda Chronicles – Remastered! 🎃
Inspired by a genuine love for Halloween and all things eerie, this game is a tribute to young Alek, whose passion brought this game to life!

The Premise: On a chilly Halloween evening, as the shadows dance and the wind whispers, you’re drawn towards a cemetery by the gleam of an irresistible pot filled with the sweetest candy. But as you reach out, the haunting voice of the witch Grimelda rings through the night. You’re ensnared in her bewitched graveyard, and your mission? Battle your way out! But beware – if you falter, you’ll be transformed into one of Grimelda’s ghastly minions for eternity.

Game Features:

• First-Person Shooter tailored for kids, rendered in captivating cartoon-style graphics.
• Navigate through 7 thrilling levels, confronting Skeletons, Zombies, Mummies, Werewolves, Goblins, and Dragons.
• Engage in epic mini boss fights.
• Arm yourself with 4 quirky homemade weapons.
• Defend your precious candy pot – your life source in the game. Every bite taken by enemies depletes your candy stash.
• Scoreboard displayed on a spooky tombstone: track your points, kills, and progress.
• Experience the nerve-wracking sensation of enemies closing in with immersive controller vibrations.
• Two game outcomes: Victorious? Celebrate with your candy bounty. Defeated? Witness your transformation into a spooky minion.

The Sequel: The adventure doesn’t end! Grimelda is back with an army of monsters and kidnapped children in her clutches. Return to the very place where you first crossed paths with the wicked witch. This time, armed with more knowledge and mightier weapons, venture into mystical zones like the Enchanted Forest, Spider Queen’s Den, and ultimately Grimelda’s Lair. Will you emerge as the hero, or succumb to the darkness?

ZONES to Explore:
1. Spooky Cemetery
2. Enchanted Forest
3. Spider Queen’s Den
4. Orc Camp
5. The Pumpkin Patch
6. Beetle’s Dune
7. Dragon’s Nest
8. Grimelda’s Lair

What’s New in the Remastered Version? We’ve upped the ante! Dive into the re-envisioned world of Spooky Night, now with revamped graphics, controls, and enhanced effects. Enjoy a richer and more immersive gameplay experience, all while reliving the classic Spooky Night saga. Exclusively enhanced for the Oculus Quest.

🎉 Hey Gamers! 🎉
Ready for a hauntingly delightful experience? Dive into “Spooky Night Remastered!” – a casual fantasy FPS that’s a treat for all ages. Navigate the bewitched cemetery, tackle Grimelda’s monstrous challenges, and emerge as the ultimate hero!

Will YOU conquer this Spooky Night? 🌙🔮👻

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