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About SynthVR

A modular synthesizer environment for VR.

SynthVR is the synth nerd’s sci-fi fantasy: A modular synthesizer environment built from the ground up for virtual reality.

Based on the Eurorack standard and reimagined for VR, SynthVR offers an exciting and accesible path into the world of modular synth music. It comes packed with studio-quality synth modules including oscillators, sequencers, effects, logic and more. If you built something cool you can share it in a heartbeat and if you’re looking for inspiration you can surf amazing community patches at random.

What will you make today? Mad-scientist-style electronica, ambient drones or hard techno?

If you build it, they will come.

Key features:

Fully modular signal flow
30+ synth modules to play with
Easily share and discover new creations online
Control signals run at audio rate, just like real modular
Animate the environment with your sounds
Multichannel audio recording options
Limitless supply of bleeps and bloops
💾 Also available on Steam​

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