The Great Escape: Dragon’s Dungeon

  • The Great Escape: Dragon’s Dungeon
About The Great Escape: Dragon’s Dungeon


In-game video hints have been enhanced and are now available using in-app purchases.

12/6/2021 — CHRISTMAS UPDATE!!

Load into Epilogue and locate the Christmas tree to discover a little Christmas cheer!


NEW! In-game hint system. Access in-game hints through the game menu for video clips to help you where a little help is needed!!

Explore, reason, and play your way through five challenging rooms to unravel the mystery behind the four warrior kings and their battle against evil. Can you break out of Prison? Can you master the Great Room? Can you battle your way out of the War Room? Can you reason through King’s Quarters? And can you make your Great Escape out of Dragon’s Dungeon?


The Great Escape: Dragon’s Dungeon is an App Lab game. All user’s must review the Oculus Health and Safety Warnings available at the following link prior to downloading, installing, and playing this game:

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