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About Vertical Shift

A VR Esport unlike any other. Fly through the arenas equipped with your Zenith Suit, an advanced movement system. Your Zenith Suit is equipped with Grapple Hooks, Jet Packs, and Gliders, giving you ultimate control over your flight. Vertical Shift features 4 multiplayer modes. Each mode can be played with up to ten people with crossplay. Freeze Tag Team up and work together for this fast pace reimagining of everyone’s favorite playground game! Two teams will face off in ten-minute matches. Each player is equipped with an EMP blast, which will freeze the other team in their tracks. The first team to ten points wins! Hot Seat Players compete in a free for all to capture and hold the Hot Seat! Steal the hot seat by tagging the golden player. Infection One player starts as infected and hunts down all other players. Race Swing through a series of obstacles and compete to be the first across the finish line! Vertical Shift also features a single player mode!

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