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2-Ply Delivery Service - First Delivery

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Funny,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Elena Piech   

Welcome to 2-Ply Delivery service, a one-of-a-kind company issuing quality care to all the precious bums across our universe. While most manufacturers use cheap materials, here at 2PD we make your #2 our #1 priority.

A Moment in Cannes

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Drone,Travel,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Azadux 

Explore a 3D scan of Cannes, France in “Godzilla size” to see things from a new perspective. Crawl around in room-scale and stick your head into places to listen to the life down below, or fly around to the fringes of the photogrammetry scan. Features: on-site audio captures during Covid19 quarantine (a 2020 rare event!) the historic Church of Our Lady of Hope Jagged yet very expensive Yachts in the bay a juicy fart in one of the audio hotspots. Control Instructions: Crawling-around, room-scale locomotion Smooth stick locomotion (controller only) Changelog v03: New Audio Hotspots added! Photogrammetry reprocessed. Things look better, but still not perfect. UPDATE CHANGELOG v02 Fixed stick locomotion Added Hand tracking support to prevent "controller-required" pop-up

ASL Fingerspeller

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Educational,ASL,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Christian 

This game was made as part of my master's thesis about educational games. It shows you the ASL manual alphabet, and then challenges you to spell names, locations, and flowers. Please try it out! Then please take my survey at !! Thank you very much!


GENRE: Hand Tracking,Educational,Animals,Kids,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Todd Little 

Mason bees are the super-pollinators of early spring, exactly timed for when your fruit and nut trees are flowering. Mason bees can double or triple your apple, pear, plum, blueberry, strawberry, hazelnut harvest! You can help mason bees by providing housing, growing flowers, and protecting mason bee cocoons. In this Oculus Quest experience, you can: Snap your fingers to seed Penstemon plants Laydown on your back and notice the sights and sounds Observe the female Mason Bees tirelessly collect pollen so they can lay eggs


GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Meditation,Casual,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Orla Harris 

How to play the game Press the buttons in the next room to spawn cushions and blankets. Place them anywhere around the house. Use the buttons above to lock your fort when you are ready to hang out. P.S. The light switch on the left works, it eats fps for breakfast though! Wan't to play on Rift or Oculus Link or Virtual Desktop ? Download for Windows Credits Music: Claude Debussy's Clair de Lune by Laurens Goedhart Logo: Szymon Furjan Cushions By: Patrick Quinn Developed By: Shane Harris

Calm Space

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Space,Fly,Meditation,Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Keith 

In Calm Space, players fly using their fist's direction with Oculus Quest hand tracking. To anyone reading this, I just want to say thanks for trying my app. Even if you tried it, hated it, and uninstalled it, I'm grateful that you took the time to try it out.

Pinch Cubes

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: DownToCode 

This is a short demo on a simple game concept inspired by Tetris. The goal of the game is to empty the play area by drawing shapes using diffirent colours to match the shapes in the play area. You can play three levels each one more difficult than the previous one. The cubes in the play area keep raising at a constant pace and when the cubes enter the draw area you lose. Being just a demo you will definitely find bugs and odd behaviours here and there. I would love to hear your feedback on the game.


GENRE: Puzzle,Strategy,Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Mike Harris 

Solve a 3x3 puzzle, from the inside, in zero gravity.Music by Mopodna

Cubism -Demo

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Thomas Van Bouwel   

ubism is a simple yet challenging VR puzzle game with a minimal aesthetic. The game puts the player's spatial reasoning to the test, as they assemble increasingly complex shapes out of colorful puzzle pieces. This is a short demo of the full game, which will be coming to early access in the near future. CONTROLS The game is best played with controllers, but has experimental hand tracking support. It's very shaky at this point, but will hopefully improve as the technology improves. You can switch between controllers and hand tracking at any point during the game. HAND TRACKING TIPS Play in a well-lit room, preferably by daylight Pinch index and thumb to interact with pieces; the current tech is specialized in recognizing this gesture To interact with distant objects, take a step closer rather than stretching your arms out. Hand pose estimation appears to be worse at a distance.

RPS Championship

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Sports,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: XOCUS 

The application is under development, so there may be bugs in it, and hand tracking may not work perfectly. So far you can only play with your right hand.

Rubik's Cube

GENRE: Puzzle,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Ali Abdoli 

Simple Rubik's Cube. Can be controlled with hands or controllers, with expermintal physics based mode as well. You can pickup the cube and rotate it by holding both the trigger and the grab button anywhere. Rotate by just using the trigger. For hand tracking, pinch 2 fingers with the thumb to grab, and 1 finger to rotate.

Ferrari Ride

GENRE: Racing,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Dondash 

NEW CONTROL, NEW GAME Change log: Added new control (use triggers instead of joystick) and steering wheel "grabbing" Added a NEW map: DD (Desert Drift) Added a NEW car: the MONSTER TRUCK (bring back MTM95!), goes really well with new map Added support for manual transmission using hand trigger for shifting gears Added basic HAND TRACKING support (AIR DRIVING) for gas and steering Updated some configuration on the car (like Force induction(you can hear it too!)) Added speedmeter as Speed is key! Messed up the lightning with too much changes and loosing track of what changes :D PLEASE leave a comment it always help! Enjoy this Ferrari ride along a mountain! HAND TRACKING INCLUDED!! The car physics is based on a custom wheel collider and give a good semi realistic driving experience IMO. (not my creation)

Finger Concerto

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Simulation,Freeplay,Music,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Stephen Rogers 

Give a big hand for the Finger Concerto! Finger Concerto allows you to have your own orchestra in the palm (and digits) of your hand! Use the Quest's Hand Tracking to play your favorite songs and tunes. Each finger performer can be changed individually to match your musical taste. With 120 Instruments to choose from, here are millions of possibilities!


GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Burcin Gurbuz   

Serene is a peaceful, minimal and pastoral VR experience that pulls the experiencer from the visually, auditory and emotionally chaotic setting that they are in. Serene gets its inspiration from landscape scenes from Vera Chytilovas film Daisies and Monet’s Lumière. The environment that the user is in is only surrounded by a plain and boundless landscape in nature. The user may interact with the elements of nature that surround them and transform their surroundings and set hidden elements in motion depending on their own decisions. With that Serene, isolates the users from the mode city and the moment, while takes control of the city and hands it to the user’s hands.

Grand Reality : VR Piano

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Simulation,Music,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Robin S.   

Imagine sitting down to a beautiful, full-size, perfectly-tuned grand piano. Grand Reality gives you the experience of owning a grand piano, without spending $50,000. Built for both the beginner pianist and the virtuoso, you can watch pieces being played on the piano in front of you. Slow it down, repeat it, or just sit back and enjoy the music. Requires hand-tracking to be enabled on your Quest. Features Custom MIDI - you can drop your .mid files in a folder on your Quest and have them play in Grand Reality Rich-sounding piano, sampled from a real grand piano Fully-animated piano with moving hammers, dampers, pedals and keys Bluetooth/USB connectivity - allows you to see key-presses in VR Hand-tracking Bluetooth/USB Piano Connectivity You have two options to connect your piano; via Bluetooth, or with a USB connection. Connecting your real piano to Grand Reality unlocks the ability to see key presses in VR and use some of the practice modes.

Hand Physics Lab

GENRE: Simulation,Puzzle,Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Holonautic   

Time to play around with Hand and Finger Physics! Enjoy VR like never before by having full control of your hands and fingers to interact physically with your environment and many different objects and experiences! Hand Physics Lab is an experimental project forged by Holonautic and directed by Dennys Kuhnert, also behind the well known fun and fast-paced physics-based action VR Game Holoception.Discover several experiences to interact with your hands including: Interactive Buttons and Controllers Tools including Hammer, Knife and Crowbar Building blocks playground! Drawing board with finger painting Egg Painting Station with your own fingers! Typing on a mechanical keyboard The famous Useless machine Weight lifting Interactive and animated Puppet Play with OR without gravity! Play with Telekinesis and Force Fields! Resize your hands from tiny to HUGE!


GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Hand Tracking,Horror,Funny,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Daniel Beauchamp 

A collection of hand tracking oddities.Take a moment to reflect on your hands as you enjoy jazzy tunes in a surreal handscape. Current experiences include: Big hands Small hands Long hands Fractal hands Floppy hands Wrong hands Kaleidoscope hands

Haptic Feedback -Demo

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Freeplay,Art,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Jorge J Gnz 

Small tech demo showing some use cases that can benefit from haptic feedback. Modes Virtual piano Virtual touchscreen VR Shopping (POC) Whiteboard (finger to draw, fist to erase) Gesture detector Drawing validation (inaccurate) Grabbing

Sun Shard Might of the Gods

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Combat,Experience,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

NOTE: HAND TRACKING REQUIRED FOR THIS DEMO! You must have this option enabled under Experiments in your Settings. In Might of the Gods you wield power not known to mortals. You can use your hands to flick, smash, crush, and destroy the enemies who intend to destroy your totem. Using the enemy physics of Sun Shard, they can be embedded with your ethereal blades or sliced to pieces with your godly magic! This is a demo to show off how the brand new Hand Tracking feature could possibly be implemented in Sun Shard when it arrives on the store. There's absolutely no guarantee this feature will make it into the final release. However this demo will be maintained here on SideQuest for as long as reasonably possible.


GENRE: Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: prvncher   

Surfaces is a HoloLens 2 experiment designed to showcase tactile surfaces using visual and auditory haptics combined with hand tracking. This is a quick port done using MRTK-Quest, to get this app running on Oculus Quest.

House Decoration With Hand Tracking

GENRE: Experience,Hand Tracking,Decorate,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Esteban 

Use Oculus Quest Hand Tracking to decorate multiple houses

Interdimensional Matter

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Felix Herbst   

"Interdimensional Matter" is all about repairing and configuring interdimensional matter, a very common task in a not-so-distant future. Day in, day out, you are presented with the tedious task of taking client matter apart, injecting properly working core antimatter, and sending the now-fully-functional matter back. What a chore! Also, it's not exactly easy, with all those telepathic abilities of yours. There's a "tutorial" that will guide you through your first tasks - take the Thing apart insert all available Cores, and put the Thing back together. press the shiny button to advance.

Mr. Scribbles

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Jason 

In Mr. Scribbles, your experience is in your hands - literally! With the revolutionary hand-tracking technology from Oculus combined with carefully tuned gesture detection software, you can create a universe that is all yours. Hear colors as sounds, make planets into melodies, and turn your own scribbles into musical magnets and atoms! There is so much to do in the Scribbleverse, so step in and discover the dreamlike scribbilities that await!

Virtual Piano

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Music,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

VirtualPiano (Alpha) A virtual piano for you to play on! All you have to to is start hammering on the keys! This is still a WIP-project, so there are still things to be worked on! :) There are two modes: Play mode, and positioning mode. These can be switched between by changing the page in in sheet music book. Play mode Not much to do, just play on the piano! Positioning mode This mode allows you to align the piano to a table! For height alignment, pinch thumb and index finger. For moving sideways, left and right, pinch your thumb and middle finger. For moving the piano closer or further away from you pinch thumb, index and ring finger together. You can also rotate by pinching your thumb and index finger on your left hand.

Voxel Works Quest

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Simulation,Adventure,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: NeoSpark314 

How to Play In standard mode you can walk with the sticks and use the X/A button for mining/crafting/building. In sportive mode you need to jog in place for locomotion and perform a wide swing for interaction (see also the video on the left). This version has hand tracking enabled but keep in mind that you need good conditions for hand tracking to work reliably enough for gaming. Touch controllers is the recommended way to play.


GENRE: Hand Tracking,Simulation,Education,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Pavel Marceluch 

VRtuos Pro: VRtuos Pro offers more updates and features. If you enjoy VRtuos, you'll enjoy this even more. You will also directly support further development. Thanks :)

VR Workout

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Fitness,Music,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

How to play Please enable hand tracking on your Oculus Quest and play with OPEN PALMS for optimal results DISCLAIMER: Use at your own risk! This game does not check if you bump into your surroundings. There is a lot of movement involved since this is a physical workout game, which bears the risk of injury. Always use common sense when performing the movements inside the game. If you feel that some exercise are too dangerous DO NOT PERFORM them. You acknowledge that this software is free and you are using it at your own risk Try to hit the hand cues to the beat of the music. Play with open palms to improve tacking. The head cue has to be touched with your head. Just touch it, you don't need for headbutting Run in place to receive point multipliers! If you want to switch out an exercise during play double tap the new exercise twice in the exercise selector to your right. The optimal time to hit the cues is when the marker that rotates around the cue touches the second one. Upon start you will see several different blocks. Touch one of them at the desired difficulty spot to select a level and difficulty. To disable exercises switch them on/off with the switches to your left. Exiting a stage during play: On the top of the left blue pole is a sign to exit a stage. Play with your own music in Freeplay mode* Put on some music in the background (maybe using the nullnMusic player) and hit the blue drum in the main menu to the beat of the music. Once the beat is set select one of the freeplay modes to your right. They will send the cues according to the BPM you set but without playing any music. Or upload your own OGG files to /sdcard/Music/Workout (case sensitive)

Weird Chillout

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: GOCCO   

These chillouts help free from fixed body-image by stretching a part of the body. 01: Stretch fingers This chillout gives you the experience freely finger joints. 02: Jiggly hands This chillout gives you the experience to be jiggly fingers.