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Out Or Dead

GENRE: FPS,Puzzle,Action,Combat,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: RobertW     

These are three games


GENRE: Action,Combat,Strategy,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Subversion Squads 

Brief: Axegend is a Rogue-like Strategic Action VR game. from the Studio Subversion Squad Studio.The game is tailored made for VR, with Rogue-like Mechanics to spice up the replayability. The game feature tons of weapons and skills to customize, lots of strange traps to put and many gags to experience! The game is inspired by Orcs Must Die and Archero.PREFACE: Currently you can try out the demo for Axegend VR, which contains 13 items, 3 maps plus a boss to challenge. There is a lot of content to add, and a lot of content to optimize, for example the AI of boss and variation of maps. We're trying our best to improve the game. When the game is formally released, we estimate there are 25 weapons, 20 traps and 20 buffs to help you in battles. There'll also be 12 maps, 30 monsters and 3 bosses for you to "make a killing". Furthermore, there would be many mini games, 2 game modes, even multiplayer. Out of appreciation for VR games, we have been striving to give VR gamers a VR game with varied experience and tactical depth. Your feedbacks would help us make the game as fun as it can be on release. We always want to make a VR game that brings joy to players, thanks for helping us getting closer to our goal, and thanks for your support! Game Features: · Customize fighting style of your own · Rogue-like Mechanics · Heart-wrenching battle against epic Bosses · Imaginative bonus stages. · Exceptional weapon control · Unrivaled item design · Load of eye-popping traps to choose from · Save the princess and solve the mystery of the world

The Cromwell Chronicles: Beast of Stormy Forest

GENRE: Puzzle,Horror,Adventure,Mystery,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Jason 

You are Detective Cromwell, sent to help solve the mystery of a recent string of murders at the Stormy Forest Inn located five kilometres outside of London during the Victorian era. You must listen to the story line and clues carefully to be able to solve puzzles which you encounter as you search the office of the main suspect. This demo is meant to be a rough draft of level 1, and there are five levels that you will have to play through to solve the full mystery.This is meant to be an escape game, wherein you solve puzzles. There is a hint system in game.

Block Smashers

GENRE: Puzzle,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Derek M Houser 

Use various projectiles to knock down and collect all the crystals

PathCraft (BETA)

GENRE: Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Daniel 

UPDATE v0.13 *New Better tutorial *player can now grow and shrink *new more intuitive movement *all movement is now way more smooth *music is fixed *should have a little better performance too *youtube and editor is temporarily removed because they didn't work properly Understand the robot’s pathfinding algorithm to guide it through the challenges! Master every new mechanic the levels have to offer and conquer the world. While at it, why not listen to some of your music or listen to a podcast. Build your own levels or play endlessly the creations of other players! UPDATE v0.12 Now you have an actual hand instead of the controllers, the grabbing is now activated through the middle finger trigger button. if you press both index triggers and pull away like scaling on a touch screen you can scale the player making it smaller or larger, this will later find some cool game mechanics to accompany it. Also, the Level editor now works.

GENRE: Puzzle,Music,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Loxai is a rhythm game where you can play any song, create song maps, redesign the looks, and much more! There's still a lot of work ahead to polish this project, so I've decided to share this Beta to get some feedback from you. Visit for more details. You can also download the 'pancake' PC version (with limited features

Carroll's Riddles

GENRE: Adventure,Puzzle,Educational,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: ScienceVR   

Is it logical? You enter a fantastical world created based on the works of British logician and author Lewis Carroll.We design Carroll's Riddles to create a new expression of storytelling and STEM learning in an imaginary place where we can visualize ideas. We heard about Alice and the rabbit hole from cartoons, books, and movies, so most people are familiar with them. In addition, there are metaphors related to Alice found in many modern stories. We believe in combing Carroll's works in mathematics and logic with stories from Alice in Wonderland. This experience will be both entertaining and educational. Lewis Carroll invented a tool - the Carroll Diagram (1886) - to visualize the attributes of things which we re-created in Carroll’s Riddles. Aided with this interactive Carroll Diagram, you can only make your way out of the tree hole by tackling the logic riddles. We suppose this interactive and guided approach can accelerate your mastery of logic. This immersive journey is unlike any other, pushing the limits of the viewer’s imagination and challenging them to make sense of a nonsensical world. Will you be able to master Carroll Diagram in this VR wonderland? Carroll's Riddles VR app is created with Unreal Engine 4.24


GENRE: Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Lexmarkbytes 

Do you like puzzle? Problem solving? Drawing? Freedom to manipulate the game? ConstructoVR lets you draw and move platforms using your 2 controllers with the main goal of getting the ball to the goal line at a time limit. As you finish a level, the next level progressively gets harder. Avoid obstacles, build bridges, and figure out how to get the ball to the goal with limited areas.On your left hand is the floating drawing. On your right hand is the physics drawing.floating drawings can only interact with the ball and the physics drawing. You can go through it. Physics drawings interact with everything. You can use this to build bridges. Your imagination is your limit. You can draw anything you want as long as the ball gets to the goal.Wind Sound effect by Mark DiAngelo 3D models credit: Ultimate Low Poly Dungeon by Broken Vector Low Poly Pack by Andrey Graphics

Pinch Cubes

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: DownToCode 

This is a short demo on a simple game concept inspired by Tetris. The goal of the game is to empty the play area by drawing shapes using diffirent colours to match the shapes in the play area. You can play three levels each one more difficult than the previous one. The cubes in the play area keep raising at a constant pace and when the cubes enter the draw area you lose. Being just a demo you will definitely find bugs and odd behaviours here and there. I would love to hear your feedback on the game.


GENRE: Puzzle,Strategy,Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Mike Harris 

Solve a 3x3 puzzle, from the inside, in zero gravity.Music by Mopodna

Cubism -Demo

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Thomas Van Bouwel   

ubism is a simple yet challenging VR puzzle game with a minimal aesthetic. The game puts the player's spatial reasoning to the test, as they assemble increasingly complex shapes out of colorful puzzle pieces. This is a short demo of the full game, which will be coming to early access in the near future. CONTROLS The game is best played with controllers, but has experimental hand tracking support. It's very shaky at this point, but will hopefully improve as the technology improves. You can switch between controllers and hand tracking at any point during the game. HAND TRACKING TIPS Play in a well-lit room, preferably by daylight Pinch index and thumb to interact with pieces; the current tech is specialized in recognizing this gesture To interact with distant objects, take a step closer rather than stretching your arms out. Hand pose estimation appears to be worse at a distance.

Puzzle Kit

GENRE: Puzzle,Experience,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Zirum 

v0.5 - Karting Room. v0.4 - Voxel Room. v0.3 - Voxel Box. v0.2 - Teleport Funnel added. This game was made with Creator Kit: Puzzle from Unity and VRTK. For feedback use this Reddit link:

Puzzling Places [Prototype]

GENRE: Puzzle,Experience,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable


Welcome to Puzzling Places! A FREE PROTOTYPE of a game where you build, piece-by-piece, a jigsaw puzzle of beautiful 3D models from around the world! We're still very early in development, so we're sharing this 98-piece puzzle for you to finish! We chose to release one of the harder puzzles, so if you like puzzling IRL, this’ll be a nice challenge. Game Features: Beautiful 3D puzzle - Made with a 3D Scan of the Tatev Monastery in Armenia Immersive Ambisonic Spatial Audio - Recorded on location Autosave - Take a break, and come back to play! Force Pull Puzzle Pieces - No need to get up Unlockable Audio Hotspots Seated OR Roomscale experience! more features to come! NEW PUZZLES on PATREON! Want to play new puzzles? Join our Patreon to play new Test Puzzles every week and give feedback on our Discord. Discord We have a ton of feature ideas and more puzzles to make, so if you have ideas feedback, tell us in our Discord Known Bugs: recorded gameplay on the Quest might have audio/video sync issues. Working on a fix!


GENRE: Action,Sports,Arcade,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: PostBeta   

Details: Discontinue is a unique competitive Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade game. The ultimate disc throwing video game experience. With a retro neon game style also called Synthwave or cyberpunk style. Your goal is to survive in a world of obstacles, where you are welcomed as its champion. As you move through this world, you will encounter all kinds of hexagons, which can be helpful or Dangerous. The world consists of more than 1000 levels, each generated through a seed which you can share with a friend or a foe to compete for the high score. Adding to the replayability. Every seed generates a unique level by combining various handcrafted phases. These phases are displayed as tunnels or arenas and are seamlessly connected in many different orders and variations. All to create fast action paced gameplay mixed with more relaxed puzzle-like or transitional phases. Tunnels are all about dodging and speed, whilst in the arenas you focus on standing your ground and defeating all obstacles in your way. The various phases combined are designed to provide a rich and impactful sci-fi experience full of new VR action. Are you up for this challenge? Features: One player Two handed VR Room-scale VR Multiple Synthwave/cyberpunk style environments Containing both casual and fast-action-paced gameplay Survive Tunnels filled with danger Battle in many different generated Arenas Level select with over a thousand levels/parkour's Leaderboards - compete for the best score Virtual Reality Arcade Game Enjoy tranquil ambiences Localized in multiple languages


GENRE: AirPlane,Combat,Experience,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: PatrickQ96 

RevFix is a Revell/AirFix inspired experience in which you can choose a model such as the classic Spitfire to build, then take it to the skies of a well known game map! Enjoy a flight course around the city or defend it from an extraterrestrial threat! I hope you enjoy this first release! I will be taking any feedback you guys have and will implement it as soon as possible! Lets make this experience as fun and interesting as possible!

Rubik's Cube

GENRE: Puzzle,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Ali Abdoli 

Simple Rubik's Cube. Can be controlled with hands or controllers, with expermintal physics based mode as well. You can pickup the cube and rotate it by holding both the trigger and the grab button anywhere. Rotate by just using the trigger. For hand tracking, pinch 2 fingers with the thumb to grab, and 1 finger to rotate.

Shooting Arena

GENRE: FPS,Puzzle,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Shooting Arena 

The VR Arcade Shooting Range Blast frenzied targets before time runs out. Lose health when you fail, win it back with your hit streaks.


GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Puzzle,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: SKYLECT     

SKYLECT is the next generation collaboration

Snap Blocks

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Kosmos School   

Snap Blocks lets you build whatever you desire with blocks. You don’t need to be Picasso to be creative. Snapping blocks together is fun and easy, and the only limit is your imagination. You can support the development of Snap Blocks by donating on Itch. Alpha version Snap Blocks is currently in alpha. This means that this is not a super duper polished version. It means you'll see frequent updates with bug fixes, new features and other improvements. It also means that you might encounter some bugs here and there. Please let us know if you do. While we offer the alpha for free, we offer the possibility to support us by donations when downloading Snap Blocks. Everyone who donates now will get the full version for free. About Kosmos School We're a small studio called Kosmos School. We're Dorena and Can. The best way to follow us is on Twitter (@kosmosschool.) Additionally, you can find us on our Discord or reach via good old email ( We've published the source code for Snap Blocks on our GitHub.

Hand Physics Lab

GENRE: Simulation,Puzzle,Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Holonautic   

Time to play around with Hand and Finger Physics! Enjoy VR like never before by having full control of your hands and fingers to interact physically with your environment and many different objects and experiences! Hand Physics Lab is an experimental project forged by Holonautic and directed by Dennys Kuhnert, also behind the well known fun and fast-paced physics-based action VR Game Holoception.Discover several experiences to interact with your hands including: Interactive Buttons and Controllers Tools including Hammer, Knife and Crowbar Building blocks playground! Drawing board with finger painting Egg Painting Station with your own fingers! Typing on a mechanical keyboard The famous Useless machine Weight lifting Interactive and animated Puppet Play with OR without gravity! Play with Telekinesis and Force Fields! Resize your hands from tiny to HUGE!

Space Walk VR Experience

GENRE: Adventure,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: ForthInteract     

Go for a Space Walk and feel the vastness of space with your Oculus Go. Three adventure levels: The Earth: Exit the space shuttle and chill out, orbiting over any part of The Earth to view the continents and oceans. Set the time-of-day to view sunrises and night lights. Complete challenges to recover satellites to the space shuttle. Save The World! An asteroid is heading towards Earth. Navigate through the asteroid's tunnels to plant explosives to destroy it in a race against time. 15 levels with 3 levels of difficulty. The Space Station. Float around the outside of the Space Station and view the fully working Canadarm remote arm and visiting HTV supply vessels. Complete a puzzle fixing solar panels - randomly different puzzle every time. Download by clicking the "On Itch" button top-right. If you like the experience, please consider making a small donation. :-)

Help Yourself

GENRE: FPS,Action,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Flat Head Studio 

Solve seemingly impossible situations with your own help.You only have limited time to solve a situation. When the time runs out, everything goes back to the beginning. Then the time loop starts all over again. Everything you did in the previous run is now reproduced by a clone of you in exactly the same way. Over several runs, you and your clones must work together to overcome the challenges. Headphones are recommended for a full binaural 3D sound experience.

Stick It Together

GENRE: Experience,Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Stick It Together


GENRE: Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: William Chilcote 

Minesweeper has finally come to Virtual Reality! Flag, count, and open cells in this fully 3D reinvention of the classic game. Features: View the entire minefield in cube view, or highlight an individual plane Fully customizable minefield spawning parameters, with difficulty presets Drag, drop, scale, and rotate the minefield to locate mines from any angle Standard game mechanics and timer Professional mine-defusers and newbies alike will be able to enjoy the challenges and gameplay of SweeperVR! Note: The latest update has resolved incompatability issues with the recent Quest OS update.

Horror Nights Story

GENRE: Puzzle,Action,Horror,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: PaperBunker   

Dig and find freedom through old mine,while running away from horde of monsters!You better dig fast and escape! Prepare your mind for hordes of scary monsters, that are crawling through an old mine, trying to get you! You are equipped with nothing more than a pickaxe and bomb for each of the five nights. You have to get to the end of tunnel as soon as possible and not get eaten alive! While also taking care of another room with oxygen generator. Watch out for the electric blackout.

Interdimensional Matter

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Felix Herbst   

"Interdimensional Matter" is all about repairing and configuring interdimensional matter, a very common task in a not-so-distant future. Day in, day out, you are presented with the tedious task of taking client matter apart, injecting properly working core antimatter, and sending the now-fully-functional matter back. What a chore! Also, it's not exactly easy, with all those telepathic abilities of yours. There's a "tutorial" that will guide you through your first tasks - take the Thing apart insert all available Cores, and put the Thing back together. press the shiny button to advance.

Tea For God

GENRE: FPS,Puzzle,Strategy,Action,Combat,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: void room     

Travel using your own feet into the depths of an AI temple. Doesn't matter how much space do you have, the game will try to make the most of it and will fit the procedurally generated worlds in the space you have.

Laser Puzzle

GENRE: Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Superboo07 

Reflect the laser to reach the goal object!

Tetro Throw

GENRE: Experience,Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: VR5 

Play the falling block puzzle game like never before: with your own hands! The choice is yours but don't take too much time as there is a time limit and it's out to eat your score! Plan ahead to keep ahead of the time limit. Lift the blocks high to slow down the pace. You don't actually have to throw the blocks, just let them fly. The preview indicates where they will land. Rotate the blocks to fit, naturally with your hands. The score values of the blocks are ever changing. Higher value blocks rise into elusive heights. Use up as many of the blocks in your reach as possible for combos to maximize your score. But if you reach too far, you will plummet to the ground below you. Purge enough lines to reach the next level. The closer you get to that level up, the faster the time limit will deplete and finally even decrement your line count. If time runs out completely, you will be demoted to a lower level and your score resets to zero. Score chances enable multipliers. Can you get more and more impressive high scores?


GENRE: Puzzle,Puzzle,Experience,Educational,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Liminal    

Choose how you feel and perform: Calm, Energy, Pain Relief and Awe. Alter your state of mind and choose how you feel and perform. Explore a range of experiences which apply research by neuroscientists and psychologists to induce and augment emotional and cognitive states. There are currently four categories of experience: Calm, Energy, Pain Relief and Awe with new content and more categories to be released over time. Calming experiences are relaxing and beautiful, energizing experiences fun and invigorating, pain relief experiences are designed to make you more comfortable and awe experiences will leave you speechless. We track and display how effective each experience is based on user feedback so you can see how it has affected others. Come back each week to try different experiences created by Liminal and our partners. You can also take part in interesting lab experiments to earn credits and unlock more content! You can use the platform as a guest or sign up for free to get the most out of your Liminal experience, including earning credits, unlocking new experiences and much more!


GENRE: Puzzle,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Dee 

Ever wondered if your brain works differently in VR?The concept of ‘immersion’ is pivotal to virtual reality. It is the quintessential difference between VR and other forms of multimedia. LVLUP measures how we interact with, and respond to, challenges in VR. Based on the paradigm-shifting theories publicized by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Amos Tversky and the Nobel prize-winning, Daniel Kahnemann.

The Dolls Room 2

GENRE: Horror,Puzzle,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Virtuarian 

About the game The head of a doll left in the toilet. Put it on a headless doll in the doll's room. And return to the entrance. The mansion is dark.Use the right hand light to move forward.

Matter VR -Demo

GENRE: Puzzle,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Matter VR 

Playing god in a galactic puzzle game.Play as an omnipotent creator in command of the entire universe. Shoot moons, throw planets and fire stars across the vastness of space. Fire objects into orbit, experience the feeling of crafting a solar system with your bare hands, and wandering light years in just a few steps. Complexity scores big, so the more complex your system, the higher your score. But mass is limited and threats are abundant: planetary collisions, exploding stars, gravity wells, dark matter, rogue moons and a host of other challenges lay in wait.

Minesweeper Peak

GENRE: Puzzle,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Armin Rigo 

Like Minesweeper... but in full 3D!A port in VR of the classical Minesweeper game from Windows. Remember the digits that tell you the number of adjacent mines? It's the same here, except that adjacency works in three dimensions. See and feel the structure of this 3D grid of potential mines—straight in VR. Three levels of difficulty 3D spheres instead of 2D squares Simple but realistic-looking graphics It is almost always possible to find the solution without luck To open a sphere, "click" on it with the trigger of the controller. If it contains a mine, you loose. Otherwise, a number appears. This is the number of adjacent spheres that contain mines. The precise rule is that two positions are adjacent if their 3D distance is smaller than 1.5. That gives each sphere up to 18 neighbors; but don't fear, it is easy find neighbors: hovering over a number with the controller highlights all the adjacent spheres.

Mr. Scribbles

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Jason 

In Mr. Scribbles, your experience is in your hands - literally! With the revolutionary hand-tracking technology from Oculus combined with carefully tuned gesture detection software, you can create a universe that is all yours. Hear colors as sounds, make planets into melodies, and turn your own scribbles into musical magnets and atoms! There is so much to do in the Scribbleverse, so step in and discover the dreamlike scribbilities that await!

NaN Industry

GENRE: Puzzle,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Armin Rigo 

NaN Industry is a VR puzzle game where you build a "factory" in 3D by placing action blocks in space. Arrange them so that they will push, weld, destroy other blocks, fire lasers, and so on. The goal is to guide input blocks to output locations, possibly modifying, spliting or combining them along the way into larger structures. 30 built-in puzzles 6 space locations, no gravity—blocks float increasing puzzle difficulty from easy to seriously hard puzzle editor included in-game workshop of published puzzles made by others This game is inspired by Infinifactory. It puts emphasis on the freedom of placement one gets from VR: there is no gravity; blocks can be moved and rotated along any axis and float along under their own inertia.

Oathbreakers VR

GENRE: Puzzle,Combat,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: CenkStudios   

Kickstarter Spellcasting Demo: Elementalist Class Pre-Alpha.Oathbreakers VR aims to be an intense and innovative virtual reality PvP and PvE fantasy RPG action combat game built around real time active spell casting, combat technique and strategical positioning. Favoring a player-performance based approach to gameplay, Oathbreakers challenges players to use an arsenal of spells to discover and refine their own play style, in fast paced, PvP and PvE scenarios. With a bounty of spells to discover and learn, Oathbreakers not only absorbs its players in a physically demanding action game, but also empowers players to use their own intellect, intuition and individuality to assess their environment to achieve their goals.

Vanishing Grace

GENRE: Adventure,Experience,Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Monte Perdido   

ATTENTION: Plese, make sure that you have your Oculus Quest headset updated. If not, it may cause some bugs. Grace has vanished. Her craft has reached the Citadel unmanned. You play as Joel, her childhood friend who decides to leave everything behind in order to find her. Pilot Grace’s craft and travel around desolate wastelands while you discover the story behind her mysterious disappearance. (Early Pre-Alpha Demo, all content subject to change) We would love to hear your feedback, so join our Discord and help us out!! ;)

VR Sand

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Phylliida 

VR Sand is a 3D falling sand toy (similar to the popular two-dimensional Powder Toy) which allows you to watch and interact with various colored elements. Within the outlined play area you can place 15 different elements and see how they react. Feature List -Supports sitting, standing, and 360 degree room-scale configurations -Stretch the box to make it larger or smaller -Left and right-handed support -Variable brush sizes -Source blocks that generate other blocks -Due to performance limitations on the Quest, this supports up to 24x24x24 particles. This size was chosen to allow you to do whatever you want within the space (including filling it up with explosives) and not get any frame rate dips. Particle List -Water -Fire -Sand -Stone -Plant -Concrete -C4 -Gunpowder -Oil -Gas -Dirt -Seed (put in Dirt to grow plants) -Void -Lava -Ant I've decided to put this up for free because due to performance it's a much smaller playspace then the PC Version on Steam. But if you like it, feel free to donate. I plan to eventually add saving functionality, on all versions of VR Sand. I don't plan on adding more blocks because that will decrease performance even further, and thus require an even smaller playspace. If I'm able to add any more without that issue I might, but please understand there are no promises of further elements. Enjoy :)

Wrong Voyage Ex Quest

GENRE: FPS,Puzzle,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Fguillotine   

After getting lost in the wrong levels for an eternity I came to a new unknown area, where ancient constructions and technology meets without a reason. Again the same questions unanswered. Who had built this world apparently abandoned? what was my role in all this? I have to find out...