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Pocket Racer

GENRE: Racing,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Curious VR 

V2.91 - MULTIPLAYER GHOST RACING! -PIPES and HALF-PIPES! REPLAYS! MOTORCYCLE! Leaderboards for all user created maps. also... (PORTALS! INDY CARS! ONLINE TRACK SHARING, TEXTURE PACK CHANGING, TIME SCALING! SLOW-MO-MODE! See-through mesh tracks! ) PocketRacer now includes Track uploading and the ability to browse other users tracks and race against their best time.

Descent Alps

GENRE: Sports,Action,Racing,Fitness,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Things3D   

This is a pre-release version of Descent Alps.Looking down the slopes of a steep mountain with a pair of skies strap to your feet is exhilarating. You will learn to overcome even the most challenging of descents by feeling the rhythm of the slope and finding the correct lines. The layered mechanics make Descent Alps enjoyable and comfortable for people new to VR as well as rewarding for the dedicated players.

Duck Hunt Auducka

GENRE: Racing,Action,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Skid Vis  

What would it have been like if Duck Hunt was a beat-matching game? I endeavor to answer that question by merging Duck Hunt with the beat-matching blaster game Audica.

Ferrari Ride

GENRE: Racing,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Dondash 

NEW CONTROL, NEW GAME Change log: Added new control (use triggers instead of joystick) and steering wheel "grabbing" Added a NEW map: DD (Desert Drift) Added a NEW car: the MONSTER TRUCK (bring back MTM95!), goes really well with new map Added support for manual transmission using hand trigger for shifting gears Added basic HAND TRACKING support (AIR DRIVING) for gas and steering Updated some configuration on the car (like Force induction(you can hear it too!)) Added speedmeter as Speed is key! Messed up the lightning with too much changes and loosing track of what changes :D PLEASE leave a comment it always help! Enjoy this Ferrari ride along a mountain! HAND TRACKING INCLUDED!! The car physics is based on a custom wheel collider and give a good semi realistic driving experience IMO. (not my creation)


GENRE: Action,Experience,Racing,Strategy,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: slowp 

Snowboard in VR immersed on a daydream setting using real carving physics and full control of the board. Featuring experimental level design elements like bowls, jumps, narrow and large trails and some crazy extra shapes. It is built as a free roam experience, the point is to find your own thrill by exploring and experimenting with tricks along those mountains.

Hover Quest

GENRE: Racing,Adventure,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Jason of the Storm   

High-speed open world hover car adventure with cockpit controls and on-foot multi-modal FPS mechanics.Hover Quest is an open world adventure game in the making, featuring an infinitely generating landscape, your own high-speed hover car, and a variety of destinations with activities to complete on foot. Control your vehicle with an interactive dual throttle system, jump off of hills, drift sharp turns, and try the loop if you dare. Disembark the hover car to run around or teleport, climb massive structures, use your jetpack to fly, and shoot alien creatures with your plasma rifle. This game uses several extreme movement mechanics and is not recommended for users prone to VR induced motion sickness.


GENRE: Racing,Music,Fitness,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: K Mossan   

A rhythm game that combines rock-paper-scissors with music.Beat the rock-paper-scissors to the music and clear the stage. There is only one stage, but the developers have not cleared it. We look forward to your challenge.


GENRE: Racing,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Phil 

TURBOKITES The fastest VR racing game out there! Turbokites is a powerful combination of third person high-speed action and immersive VR feeling. Master your kite and race against the clock or on adventurous tracks all over the galaxy. Pull the trigger and feel the speed. The power of the kite lies in your hands. CONTROLS: Trigger buttons activate each booster To go left pull the left controller towards your body. To go right the right controller. JUMP: When in mid-air (after you hit the ramp) spread your arms to activate fly mode (The wings of the kite will expand - like in the video at second 24) For a hard turn you can release the trigger button on the side where you want to go e.g. for a hard left turn pull the left controller towards your body and let go the left trigger button. PRE-RELEASE VERSION! This is a super early version to share the basic gameplay and controls. It is just a very short track and won't bring a lot of fun for more then a few minutes. I'm currently working on new bigger levels and a ghost car option so that there is at least someone you can race against. If you have any feedback, wishes or anything else, please let me know:

V Speedway

GENRE: Racing,Simulation,Experience,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: SkyArcher 

About the game V-Speedway is a classic arcade racing game with plenty of opponents and long winding racetracks, running at native 72 fps. The current version is a free prerelease alpha that I'm shaping up to become a complete game, and it's currently made of placeholder assets only. Once the final game is released, this version will live as a free demo. I'm developing this game in my free time, both for my love of arcade racing, both to fill a void in the current Quest games catalogue, especially when it comes to driving.