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Abu Dabi

GENRE: Action,Multiplayer,Sports,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Gluk VR 

Abu Dabi is a VR multiplayer competitive sports game for Oculus Quest. In this game players shoot projectiles with their slingshots at each other's rings. By hitting rings players inflict damage to one another. The rings are continuously scaling in size, and the smaller the ring is when you hit it, the more damage you deal. To defend against opponent's incoming projectiles, players can turn their free hand's palm towards the enemy. This will make a shield appear. Players can block opponent's projectiles this way. To make it easier to block, players' shields also have time stopping power. If the time stopping power is charged, player can press a button and for a couple of seconds the time will drastically slow down, allowing player to get their shield into place and block the projectile. If the player manages to block a projectile, time stopping power instantly recharges to full. The projectiles move on the dragon tail with constant speed and spawn rate, however, if your ring gets hit, there is a chance for every projectile on the tail to disappear. That chance varies by how much damage was dealt with a successful shot. So it is highly recommended to defend, because you might end up without any projectiles if your opponent is accurate and lucky. The game ends on these conditions: Your or your opponent's health drops to zero; Time runs out. (hourglass) If the time ran out and both players have the same amount of health, the game changes to sudden death mode, which means the first one to hit opponent's ring wins

Blobby Tennis

GENRE: Sports,Simulation,Tennis,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: SlinDev   

In Blobby Tennis you are standing in a relaxing beach scene, controlling a tennis racket and ball. You can do tricks, play the ball back and forth over the net with Blobby or outplay him to score points. Because beach sand isn't very bouncy this is obviously no real tennis, but open ended play with a ball without fixed rules or goals. The game is currently missing shadows in this quest version. Otherwise it's identical to what I released on other platforms in 2017. It's using a custom game engine using Vulkan for rendering, so it might crash or have other strange issues.

Block Smashers

GENRE: Puzzle,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Derek M Houser 

Use various projectiles to knock down and collect all the crystals

Bring The Heat

GENRE: Sports,Basketball,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: VoidCube 

Play Basketball in VR


GENRE: Sports,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: ShadowBrain   

Thanks for checking out the Climbey Quest demo! Sadly the full game's pitch document was denied by Oculus.This means the game will most likely not make it to the official Quest store.This demo was put together to gauge interest and show people what Climbey on Quest feels like.It showcases a few community made levels, as well as the demo level from the Steam demo.

Pick-up League Hockey

GENRE: Sports,Simulation,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Electric Falcon 

Experience hockey in VR like you've never seen it before! Full-speed, 100 percent skill-based hockey. Play in cross-region multiplayer using single and dual-hand stick control, haptics, and more!! Join our discord server for news, tournaments, and more: The latest version adds more advanced goalie movement and an option for puck control highlight!


GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Dean 

Pétanque DESCRIPTION Quarantined? Can't play outside? Relax and keep social distancing by playing some Pétanque / Bocce Ball with a roommate, or by yourself, until we can finally go out in public again! (Ricard supplied separately...) NOTES Intended to be a local multiplayer game for the indoors, passing the headset between between turns This game was created (very poorly) as a result of the recent social distancing measures CHANGELOG : version 1.0 It kinda works! Any

Descent Alps

GENRE: Sports,Action,Racing,Fitness,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Things3D   

This is a pre-release version of Descent Alps.Looking down the slopes of a steep mountain with a pair of skies strap to your feet is exhilarating. You will learn to overcome even the most challenging of descents by feeling the rhythm of the slope and finding the correct lines. The layered mechanics make Descent Alps enjoyable and comfortable for people new to VR as well as rewarding for the dedicated players.


GENRE: Action,Sports,Arcade,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: PostBeta   

Details: Discontinue is a unique competitive Virtual Reality (VR) Arcade game. The ultimate disc throwing video game experience. With a retro neon game style also called Synthwave or cyberpunk style. Your goal is to survive in a world of obstacles, where you are welcomed as its champion. As you move through this world, you will encounter all kinds of hexagons, which can be helpful or Dangerous. The world consists of more than 1000 levels, each generated through a seed which you can share with a friend or a foe to compete for the high score. Adding to the replayability. Every seed generates a unique level by combining various handcrafted phases. These phases are displayed as tunnels or arenas and are seamlessly connected in many different orders and variations. All to create fast action paced gameplay mixed with more relaxed puzzle-like or transitional phases. Tunnels are all about dodging and speed, whilst in the arenas you focus on standing your ground and defeating all obstacles in your way. The various phases combined are designed to provide a rich and impactful sci-fi experience full of new VR action. Are you up for this challenge? Features: One player Two handed VR Room-scale VR Multiple Synthwave/cyberpunk style environments Containing both casual and fast-action-paced gameplay Survive Tunnels filled with danger Battle in many different generated Arenas Level select with over a thousand levels/parkour's Leaderboards - compete for the best score Virtual Reality Arcade Game Enjoy tranquil ambiences Localized in multiple languages

Dragon Dance VR

GENRE: FPS,Action,Combat,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Romamoramen To 

Dragov Dance VR is fast-paced retro style VR scroller where you cut and shoot enemies and overcome timing and physical challenges along the way feel fast-paced flow while killing and dodging pull out your sword and cut the enemies with both hands or one hand while you are in the air pick up the pistol and shoot the enemies with or without auto-aim move your body and arms to cope with space and timing challenges tune different game options to match your skills

Eat Food Fitness

GENRE: Sports,Fitness,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Emon 

Eat all of the food for health.You control the mouse and eat all of the food in the coffee shop. Using fitness tube is better for this fitness app.

Executive Potty Simulator

GENRE: Simulation,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Chris 

Play Mini-Golf on the golden throne of one of the most famous leader of this world while watching news channels or listening to smooth jazz. The five course Mini-Golf tournament contains obstacles from the president’s latest achievements like the Great Mexican Wall, The Chinese Trade War and more. It is planned to create several simulator inspired by famous leaders

RPS Championship

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Sports,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: XOCUS 

The application is under development, so there may be bugs in it, and hand tracking may not work perfectly. So far you can only play with your right hand.

RVMX Arcade Game

GENRE: FPS,Adventure,Experience,Simulation,Sports,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable


5 different arcade games including bowling, basketball hoops and others to have fun. Teleportation system only. We are releasing this for free to the community. Follow us on social media for updates about our next VR game. We will need beta testers for Rift, Vive and Quest when its completed. We also develop VR and AR apps for enterprises.

Self Aid Arcade 2.0

GENRE: WorkOut,Action,Strategy,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: G COOK   

VR FITNESS ARCADE!!!! Self Aid Arcade is a Virtual Reality exercise app full of mini games designed to give help you be fit! Download the arcade.apk and load it onto your Oculus Quest to start working out!

Ghost League -Demo

GENRE: Sports,Strategy,Action,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Ghost League 

Please sign up for our mailing list to help us launch on Kickstarter! Those that sign up for our mailing list will get a special in-game cosmetic reward for the full version of the game that will not be available to anyone else. Please visit and fill in your email in the sign-up form on the front page, or press the "Kickstarter Sign Up" button in the top right corner.Ghost League is a fast-paced VR multiplayer sports game where you will be flinging and jumping through the air at blazing speeds. Will you be a player on a famous team or a lone wolf for hire? It is up to you. You will be able to choose your own Ghost Suit, each with different strengths and weaknesses, grappling hooks, boost packs, and a variety of different power grenades. The goal is to win, like in all sports. How you do it is entirely up to you and your team. Use your grappling hooks, jump, climb, run, or throw teleport grenades, to navigate the levels. Collect all the energy orbs and activate all the checkpoints in the shortest possible time to reach the highest score. Which route you take through the level will affect its difficulty and how quickly it can be completed. Beat the developer's highest score to earn the top title; Ghost! The game is based on an energy system. Expend energy with every action you take and don't run out. Recharge with checkpoints, charge-bombs, or energy orbs. Running out means game over.


GENRE: Sports,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: IVR 

Enjoy playing golf, and swing for the target with unusal clubs and targets.


GENRE: Action,Experience,Racing,Strategy,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: slowp 

Snowboard in VR immersed on a daydream setting using real carving physics and full control of the board. Featuring experimental level design elements like bowls, jumps, narrow and large trails and some crazy extra shapes. It is built as a free roam experience, the point is to find your own thrill by exploring and experimenting with tricks along those mountains.

Hammer of the Gods

GENRE: Sports,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: ChrisError 

You play one of the ancient Gods, banished to the barren Outer Worlds, where the Nameless Ones haunt. The Nameless Ones want to imprison you forever in their diabolocal cities, and it is down to you and your all powerful Hammer, to crush them. Hammer of the Gods is a fast paced, explosive, physical action game for Oculus Quest, throw and summon your Hammer to destroy the infernal cities of the Nameless Ones. This game is currently in Early Access / Pre-Release


GENRE: Combat,Experience,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: busido90 

Do you know Japan's National Sports, "SUMO". You can experience it as game.Let's try it!


GENRE: Action,Sports,Combat,Fitness,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: J7 

Punch, hit, swing, dodge, and move in this fast paced 360' arcade exercise game.

Home Plate Baseball

GENRE: Sports,Baseball,Fitness,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Beep2Bleep   

Home Plate Baseball is a baseball simulator and mini-game collection for VR HMD with motion controllers.

Invasion: Virus Attack!

GENRE: FPS,Action,Sports,Fitness,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Anri Zababura 

Can you protect the Earth from the evil COVID-19?Invasion: Virus Attack! is a unique VR rhythm game where your goal is to destroy the beats (represented by multicolored viruses) as they are coming at you.Every beat indicates the lane (out of three colorful lanes) you should stand on to shoot a virus of a certain color. Every level does not just consist of a set of chaotic movements of arms and legs. It is almost a dance performed by a choreographer, dancer and a great girl whose soul is filled with dance, Polina Krol.Our goal is to make players kind of dance while destroying colorful viruses and avoiding black ones.Every shot is strongly supported by upbeat sound and visual effects to emphasize the rhythm.