15 Upcoming VR Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2022

  • 15 Upcoming VR Games We Can’t Wait to Play in 2022

We’re looking forward to a ton of new games in 2022, as newcomers and trusted names in VR development alike are prepping to release bigger and better VR experiences.

Here we look at our most anticipated titles that are scheduled to release in 2022. We’ve ordered games according to their confirmed release dates, then the rash of titles sporting the ever-nebulous ‘coming in 2022’ release window, and then games that ought to arrive this year (TBA).

Note: There’s a few gaming events on the horizon which ought to feature some big names in VR development. We’ll be updating this article as those events happen, so check back soon. Here’s a quick breakdown:

Returning this year on April 20th is Meta’s Gaming Showcase, which should have new games and updates for the Quest 2 platform. We’re also hoping to hear more about the launch titles coming to PSVR 2, so there’s bound to be an event at some point as well. Unfortunately E3 2022 has been cancelled, so we’re hoping to see some of those VR game announcements spread around elsewhere during its usual June time slot.

Little Cities

  • Platform: Quest & Quest 2
  • Developer: Purple Yonder
  • Release date: April 21st, 2022

Studio description: Get ready to escape to the charming world of Little Cities, the cozy VR city creation game. Start with a simple road, carefully place your residential, commercial, or industrial zones and then watch the citizens move in! But keeping them happy is the only way to help your cities grow.

Cities VR

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: Fast Travel Games
  • Release date: April 28th, 2022

Studio descriptionBe the mayor in Cities: VR, the ultimate VR city-building and management simulator. Design neighborhoods, construct buildings, direct the flow of traffic – all while you handle economics, emergency services, and more. Step inside this VR adaptation of the leading city-builder, Cities: Skylines.

The Last Clockwinder

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Pontoco
  • Release date: Summer 2022

Studio description: A VR game about building contraptions out of your own clones in a cozy sci-fi world.


  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Terrible Posture Games
  • Release date: June 2022

Studio descriptionCraft. Shoot. Die. Repeat. Forge absurdly powerful guns and fight through the belly of a metal alien monstrosity in this VR FPS roguelite follow up to MOTHERGUNSHIP. Wanna build a rocket-firing-shotgun or a toxic spike-ball-launcher? Unleash your inner mad scientist, then take on the MOTHERGUNSHIP.

Tea for God

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2
  • Developer: void room
  • Release date: Late 2022

Studio description: VR adventure that allows infinite movement within your own place. Customise your experience. Make it an intense shooter, a roguelite explorer, a relaxing trek.

The Exorcist Legion: SIN

  • Platform: Quest, PSVR
  • Developer: Fun Train
  • Release date: Late 2022

Studio description: As the sequel to The Exorcist: Legion VR, the game advances the chilling storyline and mythology with both single player and co-operative gameplay as well as some other mechanics and play styles never seen before in a horror co-op game.

Ziggy’s Cosmic Adventures

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Stardust Collective
  • Release date: Late 2022

Studio description: ZIGGY’S COSMIC ADVENTURES is a fully immersive cockpit VR game set in a stunning universe. Fight your way through the solar system amidst intense arcade combat, navigate through treacherous space environments, and feel the rush of scrambling to manage your ship’s systems.

Propagation: Paradise Hotel

  • Platform: SteamVR
  • Developer: WanadevStudio
  • Release date: End of 2022

Studio description: Live an intense VR survival horror adventure with gripping storytelling, in which you will explore dark environments, make terrifying encounters and get your adrenaline pumping. Will you find your way out of the Paradise Hotel alive?

Coming Sometime in 2022

Paradox of Hope VR

  • Platform: SteamVR
  • Developer: Monkey-With-a-Bomb
  • Release date: Coming to Early Access “soon”

Studio description: Paradox of Hope is an immersive single-player VR shooter with survival and horror elements. Explore mysterious metro mazes of post-apocalyptic Moscow, use stealth or combat approach to achieve your goal, upgrade your equipment and arsenal, and enjoy the atmospheric moments of stalker’s life.

Peaky Blinders: The King’s Ransom VR

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2
  • Developer: Maze Theory
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: Step into the gritty streets of 1920s Birmingham and London and explore iconic locations from the show, including The Garrison pub, Charlie’s Yard and Shelby’s Betting Shop, as you take down rivals and move up in the world.

Vertigo 2

  • Platform: SteamVR
  • Developer: Zulubo Productions
  • Release date: 2022

Studio descriptionVertigo 2 is a single-player VR adventure. Explore the depths of the vast Quantum Reactor as you descend to finish your journey home.


  • Platform: “major VR platforms”
  • Developer: Resolution Games
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: Ultimechs is the multiplayer VR gaming experience from Resolution Games that will be coming to major VR platforms next year. As the thrill of professional athletics meets the precision of purpose-built machines, Ultimechs welcomes players into the sport of the future to compete for victory. If you don’t have the speed, precision and rocketry that it takes to defeat your opponents, you’re done for.

The Last Worker

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest
  • Developer: Oiffy, Wolf & Wood Interactive
  • Release date: 2022

Studio descriptionThe Last Worker is a first person narrative adventure centered around our struggle in an increasingly automated world.

Nerf Ultimate Championship

  • Platform: Quest 2
  • Developer: Secret Location
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: NERF Ultimate Championship is a competitive multiplayer game that brings NERF battles into an electrifying competition only possible in virtual reality. Gear up with a wide range of new and classic blasters as you leap around fantastic arenas in intense 4v4 team matches. Soak in the sound of roaring fans and master your skills as you begin your journey to become the Ultimate NERF Champion.

Samurai Slaughter House

  • Platform: SteamVR, Quest 2, PSVR
  • Developer: Tab Games
  • Release date: 2022

Studio description: VR-only physics-based combat game. Use stealth and creativity or brute force to take on your foes in a vast physics based sandbox. Battle both humans and demons while exploring a large metroidvania-style open world. Collect items and power up your character. Explore towns and interact with NPCs.

 Likely Coming in 2022 (TBA)

Update (April 8th, 2022): We’ve cycled out a number of previously released games, and plugged in a few more promising titles set to come out this year. If you have any suggestions or tips, let us know in the comments below.

What VR game are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below!

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