Big Town Chef To Begin NFT Sales Early June

  • Big Town Chef To Begin NFT Sales Early June

Remember last month when gmw3 wrote about TV chef Gino D’Acampo’s plan to get into the Web3 gaming space with Big Town Chef? As surreal as it seemed, it’s not some bizarre fabrication as the team behind the play-to-earn title has announced that the playable chef NFT avatars are going on sale in less than three weeks.

Big Town Chef

Initially, the Chef NFT sale will begin with a presale mint on 7th June at 2 pm (UTC) and will be open for 24 hours (0.07 ETH + gas fees). A day later the public mint will take place (Wednesday 8th June at 3 pm (UTC)) with prices at 0.1 ETH + gas fees; continuing until the collection sells out. If you’re an NFT collector/fan and want to sign up for the presale then you still can, connect your wallet and you’ll be given a list spot (which is limited).

Presale spots mean you’re first in line for the freshly minted NFTs when they become available in June. Joining the Big Town Chef community on Twitter, Discord and Instagram can help secure additional presale spots, thus increasing the chance of securing a rare chef avatar. Not only will each have its own look from normal human designs to whales, alligators, lions and birds, but they’ll also have unique attributes.

Why buy these NFT chefs? Well, like a lot of new Web3, play-to-earn videogames these avatars are quite literally your key in. Unlike many NFTs you may have read about – or that gmw3 has covered – rather than being purely artworks, the ones in Big Town Chef unlock both the game and in-game features (as well as being collectable one-of-a-kind art).

Big Town Chef

As you’ve probably guessed from the name and Gino D’Acampo’s attachment to it, Big Town Chef is all about cooking, farming ingredients and buying/selling them in the marketplace. Using that valuable NFT chef you be able to: “stake in-game NFT seeds on your own patch of virtual land and grow them into more valuable items.” These can be traded for rare items, real-world profits or used in recipes during the cook-off battles.

All centred around Big Town and the Big Town Marketplace, Big Town Chef‘s economy is powered by the $BURP token on the Polygon network.

Gmw3 will keep you updated on the latest Big Town Chef news, or check out some of our other blockchain gaming coverage.

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