Bigscreen Now Allows You to Watch YouTube With Friends Inside VR

  • Bigscreen Now Allows You to Watch YouTube With Friends Inside VR

Users can now natively stream YouTube content to the virtual screen in the VR cinema app Bigscreen in another small win for our collective metaversal aspirations.

Bigscreen YouTube content support
Bigscreen YouTube content support

Through a new feature, Bigscreen is bringing the cinematic experience, particularly the now-ubiquitous YouTube content streaming, into virtual reality. Bigscreen allows users to meet in virtual rooms and watch different types of content including blockbusters, TV content, or 3D films together on Bigscreen VR.  Now the VR social viewing app is also supporting content from YouTube on its platform. It allows up to 15 users to watch YouTube content together on the platform, giving users all the streaming features of a fully logged-in YouTube watching experience.

Users with headsets such as Meta Quest, HTC Vive, Valve Index as well as various other SteamVR and Windows Mixed Reality headsets will be able to co-watch all kinds of YouTube content on Bigscreen in VR.

Bigscreen CEO Darshan Shankar blasted out an email stating that the new feature enables users to “rent movies and watch them on YouTube” and that the logged-in YouTube viewing experience will be exactly similar to what you would have on any other YouTube interface.

Bigscreen says it will support all YouTube features. Users will be able to normally log into their YouTube account and browse through their own playlists or through their personalized content.

YouTube Premium subscribers will also be able to log into the subscription service inside Bigscreen and access the exclusive services it offers. The same will apply to YouTube Tv users. Users will be able to borrow films and series from YouTube for a fee.

The YouTube screen has been embedded into different virtual reality environments in Bigscreen. The virtual screen normally has dynamic lighting that is designed to give users an immersive and cinematic viewing experience. This is also supported in the YouTube integration.

By supporting YouTube integration, Bigscreen is also emphasizing its own social VR roots. Bigscreen users can browse YouTube content either with their friends in private rooms or with other strangers and enthusiasts in public Bigscreen rooms.

Following an update late last year. Bigscreen now allows up to 15 users to meet in its virtual rooms and watch films together.

Bigscreen is also planning additional future updates and improvements. In the coming months, the social viewing VR platform is planning to roll out a new friends system. Plans are also underway for a remote desktop as well as support for gamepads and Bluetooth keyboards.

The YouTube update can be downloaded for free for HTC Vive, Meta Quest 2, Meta Quest, Valve Index as well as other VR headsets that have SteamVR or Windows Mixed Reality access.

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