Brief Project Cambria Demo Shows Its Color Passthrough Capabilities

  • Brief Project Cambria Demo Shows Its Color Passthrough Capabilities

In a demo where the headset was largely blurred, Zuckerberg showed the color passthrough capabilities of the new Project Cambria.

Yesterday, as earlier promised, Mark Zuckerberg showed a short video clip of some of the capabilities of Meta’s upcoming high-end Project Cambria virtual reality headset. The device was largely blurred in the demo but the clip showed the headset’s high-resolution capabilities and full-color passthrough functionality which enable users to experience interactions with virtual objects that are superimposed onto real-world environments.

The demo showed Project Cambria’s mixed reality capability which has been developed using Meta’s Presence Platform that the company launched last year.

Current Meta Quest (2) headsets also have passthrough capabilities but it is monochrome with the content being displayed in black and white or shades of grey and these don’t blend quite well. It gives you a passthrough vision through the environment but one that is visually limited. The Cambria headset passthrough will be radically departure from that, giving you a color passthrough with crystal-clear images. The Cambria headset is built with very high-resolution sensors and, as a result, the real world is relayed with much greater clarity inside the high-end headset.

The 2.5-minute video shared by Zuckerberg also highlights the Presence Platform which highlights the gulf in experiences between Quest and Cambria headsets.

In a Twitter post, Meta CTO Andrew Bosworth stated that an SDK update is arriving next week that will feature “the full set of Presence Platform tools” that are powered by “machine perception and AI” -Scene, Passthrough, Interaction, Spatial Anchors, Voice SDK as well as Meta’s recently updated Hand Tracking API.

In the demo real, Zuckerberg gestures at a cartoony character and appears to paint the environment on top of the real-world environment. The video also has clips from Meta’s other Augmented Reality projects and it teases the prospect that users will in the future wear these headsets to visit virtual offices and work on their cloud workstation via augmented reality.

The future of work might be something similar to a VR workplace egosystem that we shared earlier.

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