Companies are Opening Offices in the Metaverse

  • Companies are Opening Offices in the Metaverse

The metaverse mania is already having some real impact in the business world.

Although much of the hype that followed Facebook’s rebrand to Meta is waning, we are seeing some tangible results as serious companies begin to establish a presence in the virtual world by buying up metaverse land and putting up some ‘local’ presence there.

This month alone has seen several companies launch or announce plans to launch metaverse offices for diverse uses including holding online meetings with global clients, for use as internal innovation hubs, or in enhancing social communication between their teams.

These are the nascent steps towards the creation of metaverse workplaces and are a harbinger of the things to come in this space as these virtual worlds evolve and mature. Below, we look at some of the players that have recently embraced metaverse offices.

KuCoin Creates its Metaverse Office

KuCoin Meta Office
KuCoin Meta Office

The digital asset exchange KuCoin has also created its KuCoin Meta Office. The company launched the metaverse workplace in the Bloktopia Digital Space. KuCoin’s metaverse office is geared at delivering immersive metaverse experiences to the visitors and providing users with interactive social communication. The company says it is still exploring the various application scenarios for blockchain technology and the metaverse. The KuCoin meta office will be used for browsing and trading in NFTs, viewing trading data and K-line in crypto markets as well as participating in online AMA. Other potential use cases could include live chat and communicating with other participants.

Architect Designs a Virtual Office

The Danish architectural firm Bjarke Ingels Group collaborated with Virtue Futures to design the first virtual office for the media agency Vice Media Group. The firm created the futuristic meta office space in Decentraland and calls its meta office “viceverse.” The meta office will be a working and virtual innovation hub for Vice Media (behind Virtue Futures) employees. Virtue Futures has described its metaverse office as an “experimental playground” where the company’s teams will be experimenting with various emerging technologies including Web3, nonfungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized autonomous organizations.


Like most of Bjarke’s real-life architectural designs, the pixelated meta office is quite stylish with sleek and continuous lines along with a stunning and undulating sleek form. The first floor of the meta office is reserved for an NFT gallery while the upper floors of the virtual building will be dedicated to meetings and presentations.

Thai Venture Firm SCB 10x Launches a Virtual HQ in Sandbox

SCB 10x is the venture capital arm of the Thai bank Siam Commercial Bank. The venture capital firm opened a Sandbox-based meta office in mid-March. SCB 10x will use the virtual office to connect with the global community of builders. The office will also enable visitors to attend virtual events, explore uniquely crafted environments, or attend product demonstrations. The Thai bank is now the second major financial player to establish a presence in the metaverse following JP Morgan’s Decentraland debut last month. The virtual office will launch later in the year and will exhibit an immersive world showcasing the “past, present, and future of Thai Culture” which has been critical to the development of SCB 10X.

Atom creates a metaverse office

Atom is an events company based in Mumbai. Recently, the company created a metaverse office by buying up virtual land in Decentraland. The company is planning to use its new metaverse workplace to connect with international clients. Atom is also planning to use its metaverse office for future events that will take place in the virtual land. By transferring some of its operations to the metaverse, Atom is also aiming to cater to the younger generations who are fast embracing the virtual phenomenon.

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