Iconic Game Dark Souls Getting a VR Mod

  • Iconic Game Dark Souls Getting a VR Mod

You can now play Dark Souls Remastered in virtual reality thanks to the efforts of the PC VR modder Luke Ross.

The VR YouTuber Beardo Benjo was the first to reveal the mod. Check out the video below.

Luke Ross has previously done other AAA VR mods such as Cyberpunk, GTAV, and Red Dead 2 among others. His latest Dark Souls Remastered mod allows you to play the game in first person on PC using a gamepad and a VR headset.

The Dark Souls Remastered mod supports space-filling virtual reality along with different perspectives and allows you to play the game from the protagonist’s point of view or from the more familiar shoulder view. The height of the camera is adjustable.

Like Ross’ other VR mods, this PC VR mod leverages Alternate Eye Rendering which is a power-intensive rendering technique used for the stereoscopic display of virtual reality content.

However, Dark Souls Remastered is rather frugal when it comes to the hardware so Ross has been able to attain 90 frames per second with the current graphic cards for the very first time.

In case Ross’ other VR mods such as Cyberpunk 2077, Lost Souls Remastered, and Elden Ring typically bog down your computer, this time it should be different with the Dark Souls mod.

The mod will only be released via the VR modder’s Patreon page so you will pay some fee to access it. But the subscription will give you access to the developer’s other mods mentioned above and many other perks.

Luke Ross is a well-known VR modder in the community and he is best known for his VR mods for the AAA games. Currently, his Patreon page has between 2,000 and 3,000 monthly supporters.

However, Ross’ virtual reality mods don’t support VR controllers. The developer believes virtual reality controllers are unnecessary. He has often presented a controversial position that the virtual reality industry would be better off today without the pesky controllers.

The Dark Souls Remastered VR Mod

Ross released a video showing the From Software classic played from a fresh perspective which explores an early segment of the title. The combat in the VR mod still works like in the core 2D version of the game and includes attack and defense animations that play out in front of the user.

In his last mod, Ross worked on a follow-up to the Dark Souls known as Elden Ring.

Ross hasn’t provided the release date for Dark Souls Remastered but it should be dropping soon and we will be here to cover it when it does.

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