IKEA Virtual Design Tool Erases Your Furniture and Replaces it With New Furniture

  • IKEA Virtual Design Tool Erases Your Furniture and Replaces it With New Furniture

The tool helps you visualize how new furniture, IKEA’s, would look in your rooms.

IKEA launched a new virtual design tool that deletes the existing furniture in your room and replaces it with new IKEA furniture. This is an interior design tool that allows you to visualize how new furniture would look on your current premises.

The new IKEA Kreativ Scene Scanner feature enables you to scan a room with the IKEA iOS app and then erase the existing furniture, replacing them with virtual furniture. If you’d rather not scan your current home, then you can check out the more than 50 virtual showrooms in the app where you can place the virtual furniture and imagine it is your own room. This is in effect a shopping tool that is designed to simplify the decision-making process so you can find and buy suitable IKEA furniture after browsing the virtual furniture staging.

IKEA Kreativ Virtual Design tool
IKEA Kreativ Virtual Design tool

The Ikea Kreativ Scene Scanner app was created by IKEA’s biggest store franchise, Ingka Group. The tool may not be ideal but it is indeed useful for someone shopping for IKEA furniture. On the negative side, it does not allow you to walk around the virtual furniture pieces to get a 360-look of the piece. IKEA’s erstwhile IKEA Place app allowed you to virtually walk around the virtual furniture.

Where the Kreativ Scene Scanner app excels is in accurately showcasing the virtual furniture in place within the context of your real home. You still have to measure the actual dimensions of your rooms to determine if the furniture will actually fit in but the app allows you to convincingly see the overall design and color scheme of the app and how it fits in with the surroundings.

Slow and steady wave of phone in a figure eight motion
Slow and steady wave of the phone in a figure-eight motion captures the visual data

When using the IKEA Kreativ Scene Scanner app, you will begin by scanning the room. The process is slightly cumbersome and involves taking photos of the room to create a panoramic shot. Wave the phone in a figure-eight movement to capture the visual data. For now, this process only works for iPhones and the phone doesn’t need to have a LiDAR sensor so it will work with most current phones. An Android version of the tool is also set for release this summer. After completing the scan, you get an image that you can tweak directly inside the app or through the IKEA website on a desktop.

IKEA’s virtual designer comes in handy when you are furnishing a room with furniture. The app will first ‘delete’ the existing furniture in functionality similar to the Magic Eraser tool in Google Pixel 6 phones or in Google’s Magic Eraser tool and the results may not always be consistent. In spite of that, the IKEA tool still does an excellent job of filling in the room with virtual furniture. IKEA Kreativ has a collection of thousands of furniture items, rugs, wall décor, and accessories that you can use to furnish your virtual rooms and the company is planning to add additional product categories such as textiles and ceiling-mounted furniture in the coming year.

The tool has some messy edges and only allows you to view your furniture in 2D but it could still be helpful when shopping your furniture and you need to visualize them in your rooms. Where it succeeds is in rendering accurate impressions of how the furniture items might look like in your real spaces; it puts the stuff in context in a way not many apps can. The older IKEA Place app did show furniture items in a consistent scale in virtual reality so it was hard to figure out if the items might actually fit in your spaces.

The Ikea Kreativ tool is already live in the US and will soon launch in other countries in 2023. You can access the feature through the existing IKEA iOS app or via the website.

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