Is This What the Finished Meta Cambria Headset Will Look Like?

  • Is This What the Finished Meta Cambria Headset Will Look Like?

XR YouTuber Brad Lynch claimed on Twitter to have seen Meta’s production-ready Cambria headset and commissioned an Industrial Designer to work on a 3D render of the final version of the headset. He subsequently showed renders of the headset on YouTube.

The XR hardware analyst said he had comprehensively handled the new Cambria headset over the last few days. According to Lynch, the Meta Cambria headset is already finished and is production-ready. Lynch also claimed he had details of the final technical features of the headset which he had come to know via a “trusted source”.

Cambria Headset Rendering by Marcus Kane
Cambria Headset Rendering by Marcus Kane

These claims will be confirmed once Meta provides comprehensive details on its new Cambria headset. The company has, so far, only provided a casual official announcement several months ago. Meta Cambria is expected to launch later in the year.

Renderings of the Meta Cambria Headset

Lynch commissioned an industrial designer and collaborated with them via Virtual Reality to render the entire model. The render was created entirely in virtual reality.

Cambria Headset Render Side
Cambria Headset Render Side

Lynch commissioned the industrial designer because publishing actual pictures of the production-ready Cambria headset is likely to compromise his source. The renders seen here have, therefore, been reconstructed from memory.

Lynch was helped in this quest by the talented industrial designer and 3D artist Marcus Kane. The industrial designer has previously created renders of Apple’s much-anticipated upcoming virtual reality headset.

6 Sensors on Cambria Headset
6 Sensors on Cambria Headset

Kane created a 3D render of the headset using the enterprise Virtual Reality modeling app Gravity Sketch. Lynch communicated with Kane in virtual reality throughout the design process.

Certain aspects of the Meta Cambria headset are already known. There has been an official video providing a glimpse of the headset as well as several leaks over the past few months. Together, these already provide us with a rough image of what the upcoming Meta Cambria headset will look like.

Lynch’s new renders provide details on the front part of the headset which is stuffed with several sensors. Lynch says the arrangement shown in the render will exactly match what will be in the final Cambria model that will go into production.

Lynch says the image of the headset he saw in the pictures featured six sensors including four sensors positioned in the middle and two sensors which are positioned further down close to the edge of the casing.

Lynch thinks these sensors are for hand tracking and LIDAR and also for two passthrough cameras.

According to Lynch, the sensor technology in the production-ready model is more visible in real life compared to that seen in the previous renders of the Cambria headset which previously showed a smooth and opaque shell. He, however, states that the controllers in these images of the production-ready headset look exactly like those seen in the earlier images.

It is likely that the final Meta Cambria headset that will be officially unveiled might have some other technical surprises. When the device was unveiled in 2021, Zuckerberg had stated that “the good stuff” will be known this year.

You can view Marcus Kane’s 3D model of the Cambria headset on Sketchfab.

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