Major Updates for the Top VR Games Released

  • Major Updates for the Top VR Games Released

Major updates were released Friday, June 17, 2022, for some of the most successful virtual reality games. Here is a sneak peek at a few of them.

Pistol Whip – Contracts

The virtual reality classic Pistol Whip got some fresh content. The update released this week adds daily, weekly, and monthly missions with varying difficulty levels along with tailor-made challenges guaranteed to keep you on your feet.

There is also a new career screen that allows you to track your progress in the game and comparer this against those of other players.

The new update will also unlock three new modifiers that can speed up or slow down the enemy bullets or that can boost your armor to enable you to handle more hits. This will be a handy feature for modifiers.

Pistol Whip supports various virtual reality headsets including Meta Quest 1 and 2, PC VR as well as PlayStation. Released in late 2019, it has since gotten various content enhancements.

Demeo – Curse of the Serpent Lord

The Curse of the Serpent Lord is Demeo’s fourth adventure. This is also the third update that Resolution Games released for free following the co-op hit’s release a year ago.

In this installment, you are off to the desert of Ronth and a village known as Izteria where some mysterious corruption has transformed the citizens of the village into frenzied beasts. The Curse of the Serpent Lord is Demeo’s second outdoor adventure following Roots of Evil.

This campaign features new environments, enemies as well as game mechanics. The master witch Oana is cast as a new player class and an overhauled mage possessing stronger offensive abilities. Oana allows you to command and level up an animal companion, open up portals for your party, and to even cast powerful wards.

Additional content is planned for later in the year. Fans can expect a PVP mode as well as a fifth adventure that leads their own group to a city for the first time. Additionally, two players will also be able to control two characters. The game supports different VR platforms including Meta Quest 1 and 2, and PC VR. There is also a 2D version of the game for PCs.

Puzzling Places – Passthrough Update

Puzzling Places is a 3D puzzle game where you piece together real places and sights. With the latest update, the game is getting an experimental passthrough mode.

The passthrough mode allows players to do puzzles in their physical environments while also keeping tabs on the physical environment and even on their coffee cup on the table. With the latest update, you can even adjust the hue and contrast of your surroundings.

The Puzzling Places Passthrough Mode is only available on Meta Quest 1 and 2. Watch the video below for additional information.

Zenith: The Last City – Celestial Throne

Zenith could, possibly, be a serious virtual reality MMORPG. The title launched early this year to wide acclaim and the studio also raised a $35 million investment. Celestial Throne is the first major content update for Zenith.

In Celestial Throne, a massive castle rises from the skies of the city of Zenith and it is accessible via a spiraling obstacle course. Players can look forward to six new instanced dungeons as well as raids. It also features a new matchmaking system that allows you to always find fellow combatants.

The update features eight new armor sets along with 20 new quests and a headgear.

You find the complete update along with the accompanying release date on Steam. Zenith: The Last City is available on various platforms including Meta Quest 1 and 2, PlayStation VR, and PC VR.

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