Morrowind Mod Adds VR and Multiplayer Support on its 20th Anniversary

  • Morrowind Mod Adds VR and Multiplayer Support on its 20th Anniversary

Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind came out on May 1, 2002, and was characterized by its massive and unusually detailed game world for a role-playing game. Now, on its 20th anniversary, the game is making a debut in virtual reality. Morrowind modders have made the game playable in multiplayer in virtual reality.

The original Morrowind had neither multiplayer nor virtual reality support. After years of work by the VR modder community, fans of the game can now experience it together inside an immersive environment.


The multiplayer mod is called TES3MP and was developed as a result of a broader and bigger project christened OpenMW.

OpenMW is an open-source engine that emulates the graphics engine in Morrowind. Access to the engine code makes it possible for the game to be modified and expanded a lot more freely than Bethesda’s original. This enabled the modding community to integrate the real multiplayer mode and other features.

The TES3MP, the multiplayer mod, is fully playable and provides a considerable synchronization of players, worlds, NPCs, quests while also saving and loading the saves, according to the project page.

The Morrowind VR mod was developed by Mads Sandvei and runs on the OpenMW engine. The mod was first released in 2020.

This week, the team at TES3MP released the 0.8.1 version of the multiplayer mod. This version is the one that is compatible with the VR mod. The TES3MP mod also supports crossplay and, therefore, allows both VR and monitor gamers to play together.

For now, it doesn’t display the hand movements of the VR players. However, it features normal animations of these as placeholders. The VR mod has, however, correctly synchronized the spells and long-distance weapons as in the original game.

There will be a client and server version of the TES3MP. Links can be downloaded on the Steam community announcement page. Additional information on the VR mod including a quick start guide and link to the Discord server can be found on the TES3MP GitHub page. You can also find Sandvei’s OpenMW VR mod on GitLab. There is also an installation guide.

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