New Meta Quest (2) Update Improves Tracking

  • New Meta Quest (2) Update Improves Tracking

The latest Quest (2) update is here and it introduces some minor improvements. Oculus Move has now been extended to mobile devices.

The Quest update 38.0 has been rolling out to Quest owners from March 7, 2022, and it usually takes up to a week or more for the update to get to all users.

Oculus Quest 2
Oculus Quest 2

The current firmware version on Meta Quest can be viewed under Settings > System > Software. If the latest update is ready for installation in your headset, you will find the option in the same window. Yo9u don’t have to worry about manual installation of the update as Quest (2) headset automatically installs the updates once they are available in the VR headset.

The last Meta update came out two months ago. The latest update, update 38.0, is a stopgap update without any surprises and serves as a bridge until the next major Quest (2) update.

The new update introduces the following features: –

  • When a player is in an Oculus party, the virtual reality games that have enhanced multiplayer features are highlighted in the app library. This makes it easier to switch corresponding virtual reality games together.
  • You are now able to see people that you recently met in Virtual Reality, join their games and send them friend requests when you are in the virtual reality environment and press the Oculus button. With the new update, you are now also able to see people that you recently played with under the People tab as well as in the Oculus Companion App.
  • It has an improved tracking system which makes it necessary to redraw the Guardian area. Meta did not reveal the extent to which the tracking has been improved.
  • The settings have now been revised for clarity and now provide a search window where you can search for specific features.
  • Some of the interface elements now use the Meta logo.
  • The Tooltips in the Quick Actions menu now guide users through the available Quick Actions.
  • The couch and table tracking features are no longer experimental and can be accessed in Settings>Guardian.
  • The Bluetooth settings and keyboard tracking aren’t experimental anymore and are accessible in the device settings.

The big features and improvements will only come with the major update 39.0. These will include a mobile ASW for more powerful PC VR streaming along with the much-awaited Infinite Office.  The table and keyboard tracking are now part of regular features which might be a preparation for the virtual office.

Meta also announced an update to its Oculus Move fitness tracker. Previously, fitness data was only available in virtual reality. From next month, this data will also appear on the Oculus companion app.

Users with iOS devices will also be able to connect Oculus Move to the fitness app Apple Health and the virtual reality fitness activities will appear along with other fitness data. The export of VR stats is optional and requires your consent because the encrypted form of the fitness data will be transferred to external devices as well as to Meta servers. Meta says this data is not used in its advertising business. Check out more details on Data protection on the Oculus blog.

The new Oculus Move feature is set to roll out in April and could be part of its next update.

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