The Graphical Quality of Quest 2 Games Getting Markedly Better

  • The Graphical Quality of Quest 2 Games Getting Markedly Better

In last week’s Quest Gaming Showcase, Meta showcased new virtual reality games with a much-improved graphical quality, the kind that would have been unimaginable a few years back.

This was most apparent in the trailers from titles such as Espire 2, Red Matter 2, and Bonelab. A word of caution, though. Game trailers may not always match the graphical quality in the actual game and some of the trailers, like those of Bonelab and Red Matter 2, were actually shot on PC.

Red Matter
Vertical Robot

However, from the trailers, it does seem that the games unveiled at the showcase exhibit superior graphical quality and that the mobile versions of these games wouldn’t be much different from their PC VR versions.

The studio behind Red Matter 2, Vertical Robot, posted on Twitter that its trailer closely matches the graphical quality of the standalone version of the game.

It is reasonable to expect that Red Matter 2 will have impressive graphical quality and realism. The first Red Matter is, no doubt, still one of the best virtual reality games for Meta Quest 1 and Quest 2 in terms of its graphical realism. The studio behind the games wants to surpass that quality with the sequel to the game and promises the “best graphics on mobile VR to date”.

Bonelab studio showed screenshots of the game following the announcements allowing for a direct comparison of the graphical quality in the PC and Quest 2 versions of the game. The Quest version doesn’t have some lighting effects and it has lower details and models. However, the Quest 2 version of the game still looks good and is the same as the PC version. On Quest 2, Bonelab runs at a frame rate of 90Hz.

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