Varjo Launches Reality Cloud Streaming Platform for Immersive Design Collaborations

  • Varjo Launches Reality Cloud Streaming Platform for Immersive Design Collaborations

Helsinki-based XR startup Varjo has launched a new Reality Cloud platform called Varjo Cloud Reality that allows users to visit places in virtual reality via teleportation. Teleportation leverages cloud streaming to capture imagery in real-time and feed these in for others to explore. Such a Cloud Reality platform could enable users to further explore the metaverse. Users will be able to use the platform to stream even the most complex metaverse environments to supported devices and it can be put into professional as well as prosumer use-cases.

Varjo Cloud Reality is powered by NVIDIA graphical processing units (GPUs) and Amazon Web Services (AWS). The platform is also future-proofed and is capable of running graphically intensive applications across a multiplicity of devices. It is Varjo’s step toward the long-term development of the ultimate software/hardware stack that can be used to scale up high-performance immersive computing across devices in a hardware-agnostic way. This means that users can be able to scan in their environments using Varjo’s high-end headset while remote spectators or participants are also able to access this environment using various kinds of XR devices. The remote spectator doesn’t have to throw their gaze at the exact point where the person doing the scanning is looking.

The Finnish company is currently building high-end VR/XR headsets that target both high-end consumers (prosumers) and enterprise users. The commercial availability of its Reality Cloud enables Varjo to provide enterprises using its hardware with some new and practical applications like remote maintenance.

Users are able to stream immersive content from the Reality Cloud to the disparate devices, the footage of which is rendered with lossless visual fidelity and with a compression rate of 1000: 1 as well as a bandwidth o9f 35-megabits per second through super-secure enterprise-grade encryption. This is thanks to Varjo’s proprietary foveated transport algorithm.

Varjo’s Reality Cloud now makes it possible for professional customers to securely and safely stream even the most complex immersive virtual reality and mixed reality models and applications from the Reality Cloud directly to the Varjo devices. It is even possible to stream human-eye resolution VR and XR content.

This kind of use-cases enables new levels of scalability as well as productivity for both virtual reality and mixed reality workflows in some of the most demanding applications of VR/MR such as in the automotive design with Autodesk VRED.

Varjo says it is looking forward to going beyond providing one of the most high-spec VR/XR hardware in the world to also deliver pioneering software services that will facilitate human-eye resolution metaverse along with VR/MR workflows in near real-time. This can be executed in virtually any device, headset, or platform and not just a user’s own device.

It will be possible for users to use the Varjo Reality Cloud platform with the other applications that use the main 3D engine Unity Unreal Engine later in 2022. Varjo wants to also extend device support for the cloud beyond the startup’s own headset lineup in the second half of 2022, a device-agnostic scenario that will allow users to join in on collaborative immersive sessions from a multiplicity of devices ranging from VR headsets to PCs, phone and tablets. In a showcase yesterday, Varjo showed its Reality Cloud platform working with an Epic Games’ MetaHuman tool that allows users to create realistic virtual humans.

Varjo Reality Cloud
Unreal Engine MetaHuman streaming via Varjo Reality Cloud

Volvo Cars head of exterior design T. Jon Meyer said that the Varjo Reality Cloud allows the car manufacturer’s design team to seamlessly work together in virtual reality and mixed reality. He quipped that the virtual environment enables the Volvo design team to review design models together and work as if the participants were actually in the same physical space. He describes the technology as a significant step towards the democratization of VR and XR use in collaboration thanks to the ease of use and the lower PC hardware requirements that the cloud demands.

The Varjo Reality Cloud platform, complete with cloud streaming support for Autodesk VRED, is currently available for $1,495 per month for up to five concurrent users per company.

Source: VentureBeat

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