VR Uber Simulator The Last Taxi Launches in May

  • VR Uber Simulator The Last Taxi Launches in May

The Last Taxi is an upcoming game that is a unique conversation starter and which features a very eccentric cast.

The indie title was developed by ZenFri and is coming to PC VR headsets on May 31 through Steam. The game will cast players in the role of the last human taxi driver patrolling the skylines as well as the underground of a dystopian megacity.

You will be carrying passengers around while being tasked with conversing with them and keeping the fare engaged even as the meter rises. Check out the title’s launch trailer below: –

The futuristic and dystopian world in The Last Taxi is split straight in the middle whereby some of the city’s residents are fabulously wealthy while others are desperately poor.

There are more than 80 characters in the game with each of these presenting new challenges to try out and be happy.

There are also other smaller interactions that one can explore while in the driver’s seat. This is a unique virtual reality game that has a distinctive art style and it will be interesting to see how the game will pan out.

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