Which Virtual Reality Games are Launching in April?

  • Which Virtual Reality Games are Launching in April?

There are quite a number of virtual reality games that are dropping this month. In this article, we give you a rundown of some of the biggest releases that are coming out this month.

Going by the upcoming releases, April will be a solid month as far as game releases go. Many of these are coming on the Quest platform.  Next week, we are seeing the release of Green Hell VR. There will also be a release of a title in the city-building genre. Also, later in the month, we are likely to see a couple of releases not mentioned in this article as part of the Meta showcase.

Below is a look at the games and updates that we know are coming out later this month.

The Under Presents Live Performances (April 1)

Platforms: Quest, PC VR

You will want to see this if you love live virtual reality events. The actors are coming back to Under the Presents this month. You can immerse yourself into a social VR experience at some point in time and you will encounter people roaming about the theatrical wasteland that provides dynamic performances. If you haven’t immersed yourself in this before, you will definitely enjoy the treat.

Green Hell VR (April 7)

Platform: Quest 2

Following a SteamVR showcase early in the year, Green Hell VR will be arriving on Quest 2 this month. In this title, you will be surviving in a tropical jungle where just about anything in there is about to kill you. You will craft items and forage for food to survive. Green Hell VR is a full port of the current flatscreen version of the game. The earlier showcased PC VR version of the game will be released in May or June.

Little Cities (April 21)

Platform: Quest

Little Cities is established by nDreams. This is a relaxed city builder game where a player populates idyllic islands with an urban infrastructure including buildings, roads ad services in a quest to create a sprawling urban hotspot. The game is presented in a god mode view from where you be laying tracks and putting social services such as schools and hospitals as you work to meet the needs of your citizens. However, this is not the only VR city builder set to arrive this month. There is also the Cities: VR which is set to be released on Quest 2 April 28th.

Ultrawings 2

Platform: PC VR

The PC VR version of Ultrawings was set to launch in March but it missed out on that launch window and is now set to arrive at some point this month. This PC VR version is expected to have visual upgrades as well as a total of five different aircraft to pilot on numerous missions. The game also features HOTAS support, a definitive feature of the game.

Requisition VR

Platform: PC VR

Requisition VR has been created by the developer behind Hinge, Arcadia. This is a zombie survival game that also features co-op support. You will use household items to craft out weapons that you can use to battle out the undead. This release is an Early Access build of the game and the developer will be adding more features in the coming months.

Cities: VR (April 28)

Platform: Quest 2

Here is another VR city builder simulator set to release this month, just a few days after the release of Little Cities. Cities: VR has been spurned off the highly popular Skylines games and comes to Quest 2 with its core mechanics. You will, therefore, see a richly detailed management sim and an ability to bring your creations to life in an immersive way.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase (April 20)

The big event of the month as far as VR goes will be the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase. Many VR fans will be expecting new game announcements at the event as well as fresh looks at some of the previously announced upcoming titles such as Cities: VR, Among Us, and Tripwire Interactive.

Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
Meta Quest Gaming Showcase
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