Green Hell VR Will Support PlayStation VR in 2023

  • Green Hell VR Will Support PlayStation VR in 2023

Incuvo launched the highly recommended Green Hell VR for Meta Quest 2 in April, with the PC edition expected to arrive during May. What wasn’t expected this week was confirmation that a PlayStation VR version is coming but players will have to wait until 2023 to survive the hellish Amazonian jungle.

Green Hell VR

PlayStation VR support was initially teased almost a year ago but details dried up as Incuvo focused on the Quest 2 and PCVR editions, both being pushed back from their original 2021 launch dates. The news sees Incuvo sign an appendix to its partnership agreement with Creepy Jar – the developer behind Green Hell – for the “porting, publishing, and distributing Green Hell VR on PSVR.”

“We are very pleased that Creepy Jar has decided to entrust us with bringing their brand to another platform important to the VR market,” said Andrzej Wychowaniec, CEO of Incuvo in a statement. “Our attention is focused on the upcoming release of the PCVR edition of Green Hell VR on Steam, but we are looking forward to the opportunity to leverage our experience, and proceed with the adaptation of Green Hell to the specifics of Sony’s platform.”

Green Hell VR has been completely reworked and rebuilt from its flatscreen cousin, specifically tailoring it to virtual reality (VR) gameplay. So while the narrative about trying to survive the harsh realities of the rainforest and finding your partner remains the same, you’re far more involved in the specifics this time around. There are over 60 VR gameplay mechanics employed in the videogame, from making a spark to light a fire, to wrapping leaves around injured limbs.

Green Hell VR
Green Hell VR – PC version

Giving Green Hell VR: Quest Edition a four-star review, gmw3 said: “Incuvo has become a pro at porting flatscreen titles like Blair Witch and now Green Hell into VR because the team know the level of interaction players expect…As long as you don’t judge it by Green Hell and take Green Hell VR: Quest Edition on its own VR merits then you’ll find a rewarding survival experience.”

The PlayStation VR version of Green Hell VR is slated to arrive by end of 2023. That could well put its launch under the PlayStation VR2 banner but the studio has yet to confirm this. The new VR headset is expected to arrive next year, with rumours suggesting Q1, although Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) hasn’t mentioned anything currently.

For continued updates on Green Hell VR, keep reading gmw3.

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