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Puppy Park

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Dog,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: ClubHouseVR 

Do you love puppies ? Yes! Do you love VR? Yes :) Then pay a visit to our cute mischievous litter in Puppy Park VR! Play fetch, Explore the park, and wind down with our pups in our hyper casual virtual reality simulator game for the Oculus Quest headset.

3D Organon VR Anatomy | Enterprise Edition

GENRE: Simulation,Medical,Anatomy,Science    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Medis Media   

PLEASE NOTICE, THIS IS THE ENTERPRISE EDITION OF 3D ORGANON VR ANATOMY CONTACT YOUR INSTITUTION OR OUR SUPPORT TEAM FOR LOGIN INSTRUCTIONS. 3D Organon VR Anatomy is a multi-award winning self-discovery virtual reality experience into the human body. You can now visualize the skeletal system, muscles, vessels, nerves, and other organs in immersive 3D. Delve into the human model and see what you are made of. The app features an extensive knowledge-base of anatomical definitions with terminology based on the official Terminologia Anatomica. The Guest mode in this version is free and includes all 3D models of the skeletal system and connective tissues, and the animations of joints and bones contained in the human ‘Actions‘ module. Full access to the Enterprise edition for institutions and professionals will unlock all body systems, microscopic anatomy, interactive quizzes, and many more features and functions. 3D Organon VR Anatomy has been featured in the keynote speech of Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and CEO of Facebook, in the OC3 conference, and by Cher Wang, the chairwoman of HTC, in MWC 2019. It has been recommended by leading publications reporting on the future of science, education, and medicine, such as Huffington Post, Scimex, SBS, Futurism, and many others.

Joe Rogan Podcast VR Experience

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: ClubHouseVR 

Do you have an Oculus Quest? Are you a fan of the Joe Rogan Podcast ? Then we've made this for you! Enjoy watching all 104 top episodes of the Joe Rogan podcast from inside the iconic Red bunker Texas Studio.

Adventure Thru Inner Space

GENRE: Adventure,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

From 1967 until 1985, guests at Disneyland had the opportunity to ”travel into the incredible universe found within a tiny fragment of a snowflake." The attraction, Adventure Thru Inner Space, sought to use the tools of cinematic set design to explore the lessons of science, with massive structures representing water molecules and elaborate projection revealing the microscopic world of the atom. The ride was developed during Walt Disney's final years, when he repeatedly explored how the tools of filmmaking might be repurposed to explore worlds beyond cinema in his theme park. Adventure Thru Inner Space was groundbreaking not only in introducing the Omnimover and by creating an attraction almost wholly focused on backgrounds (with no characters except for the onboard narration) but in the way it arranged dramatic, themed space toward educational goals. Several years ago we released a beta version of this software; in recent months, we have worked to arrange an updated version worthy of a wide public release. The time for that release has come. Now you have the ability to experience this extinct Disneyland attraction on your Oculus Quest. So join us as we journey back in time to look at--what was then imagined--as the future of science.


GENRE: Adventure,Simulation,Action,FPS,Strategy,Archery,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Aura Studios 

A VR Bow & Arrow game in which you have to protect villages, castles and sacred places from enemies by using Bow & Arrow skills. In each session, the enemies will run to reach your castle or village entrance. You must defeat them before too many can do it so. Aim for their big heads for best results. Enemies will attack in waves of 3 to sometimes more than 20 at times. Currently, Arrows features 3 places to be defended from Vikings and their Giants who want to attack them - Northern Village, Icy Island and Frozen Valley. As you progress though your campaign, you can defende each village in three progressively difficulty modes. Dawn, dusk and night. As in: Northern Village by Dawn - Test and learn how to to best defend your places with 7 simple waves with fewer enemies. Northern Village by Dusk - Put yourself to test with 10 waves with a lot more foes to defeat, during a peaceful sunset. Northern Village by Night - also known as the longest of nights with 15 really long waves of hard enemies to defeat (recommended for expert VR archers only). Therefore there are indeed 9 different levels to be experienced - three per village - in this pre-release. You can also unlock special powers to help you defeat your enemies faster. There are two different powers to unlock - Fire and Ice. Fire - deals 2x damage to the enemy. Unlock by successfully defending Frozen Valley by Dawn or Icy Island by Dusk or Northern Village by Night. Ice - freezes the enemies in place for 5 seconds. While frozen the enemy can also be damaged and defeated. Unlock by successfully defending the most challenging level - Frozen Valley by Night Power-ups can be equipped before the level begins and become available as in-game unlimited supply torches where you light your arrows on fire or magical ice.There is also a cannon - which is available from the start of your game - which is very powerful and that can be extremely helpful in dealing a lot of damage to the enemies. After each explosion the cannon takes some time to be ready for the next use. Use it wisely! We really hope you will enjoy your time with Arrows!

OnStage - Simulator

GENRE: Strategy,Experience,Simulation,Music    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: COMPOS3D   

Your personal venue awaits… get OnStage and rock the crowd! For all artists who miss interaction with their audience. And for all those who are in need of some cheering up! Get OnStage and interact with your virtual NPC audience. NEW Music

Audio Warp v006

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: MaxSMoke777 

To use this app, point your right hand at the menu in your left hand. Click on a Visualizer on the Left and a Tape on the Right. Make sure both are bright. An error can make it hard to click sometimes. Press Play when both are selected. You can change either at any time. You are GOING to want to load your own music, so read this part CAREFULLY! Plug in your Quest, go to this fold location: UE4Game -> AudioWarp -> AudioWarp (yes, same name twice) Create a Folder called: "Content" Go into Content. Make another Folder called: "NonAssets" Go into NonAssets. Put your MP3's HERE. Don't go too crazy, more then 50 MP3's might crash the app. Also, some MP3's with strange encoding or cluttered ID3 tags might crash it. Be aware that some MP3's won't work.


GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Social,Chat,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Douglas McNamara 

We’ve taken some of the social parts of Bending Oaks School and put them in Virtual Reality. Hang out by the pool table and talk with friends, or play some ping pong. Let’s connect and collaborate.

Black Holes: Light

GENRE: Simulation,Educational, Space,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Phil Lynch 

This demo consists of two levels. The first will allow you to experience the bending of light near a black hole, known as gravitational lensing. (Known issue: Objects in front of the black hole are incorrectly lensed as if they were behind the black hole.) The second will allow you to explore the different orbits that one can produce near a spinning black hole. You are free to choose your own orbital parameters, and the game will numerically calculate the orbit in accordance with Einstein's Theory of General Relativity. These parameters are: Spin (a): The spin of the primary black hole. 0 --> No spin. 1 --> Maximum allowed spin. Size (p). The average size of the orbit (in geometrized units). Eccentricity (e): How elliptical the orbit is. 0 --> Circular. 0.8 --> Highly elliptical. Inclination (\theta_{inc}): The inclination of the orbit w.r.t to the central black hole (in radians). 0 --> Polar obit. 1.57 ~ pi/2 --> Equatorial orbit Each level also allows you to change to one of four backgrounds: Milky Way Purple Galaxy Green Galaxy Pink Nebula This virtual reality experience was created by PhD students Philip Lynch and Josh Mathews under the supervision of Dr. Niels Warburton. We area all part of the Relativity Group at University College Dublin, and we created this app to help communicate our research into black holes and gravitational waves. To learn more about what we do, see our website: demo is still still in the early stages of development. We plan to add more levels, more explanatory text, and a "story" mode to walk people through the history of our understanding of gravity from Sir Issac Newton to the cutting edge of gravitational physics today.

Paint Over!

GENRE: Paint, Creative, Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Clavus 

Coop party game for two players (one in the Quest, and one to look at a website) You take on the role of painting restorer and your task is to fix several paintings that are incorrectly colored in some parts. However, you don't know what the correct colors are! Another player takes on the role of expert: their task is to find the painting you're looking at on the accompanying catalogue website at, and communicate what the correct colors are. In summary, the game flows like this: VR player hits the button to start, a random painting is presented. VR player communicates to the expert the various elements shown in the painting. The expert matches the description to a painting on the catalogue website. The expert then communicates back what color each element is supposed to be. The VR player corrects any errrors, and hits the button (or the time runs out) to calculate the score! You'd need to have fixed at least 75% of the incorrect coloring. Hit the button again to go to the next painting. The game has 6 stages, which gradually increase in difficulty. You have three lives (stars) to try to complete all stages, if not, it's Paint Over! Created for Global Game Jam 2020.


GENRE: Music,Creative,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Emre Tanirgan   

Paradiddle lets you play drums in VR without the limitations of the real world. It opens up many possibilities for learning how to drum, through an intuitive interface, a realistic sound system and recording-playback capabilities. Features Overview: 25 types of percussion instruments including drum kit drums, mallet percussion instruments like the xylophone, marimba and glockenspiel, and auxiliary percussion such as bongos, tambourines and timpanis. Realistic and responsive sound system. Each drum plays different audio samples based on a variety of factors, such as how hard or what part of the drum was hit. Some instruments in the app have 100 audio sample variations based on these parameters, which leads to the natural sound you get when you play. Easily save and load different kits, and record and share your sessions with others. USB and Bluetooth pedal support to control your kick drum and hi-hat. Ability to load any song or audio file in your Quest file system in the app. You can find a full overview of the Quest version features, instructions on pedals and custom audio files, and a comparison of the PC and Quest versions on the Paradiddle Quest Release Notes. Note Highway Coming Soon! We'll be adding a Note Highway system very soon, meaning you'll be able to use any instrument in the app and play along to your favorite songs in a style similar to Rock Band or Guitar Hero. This is a beta release of the app as we gear up for a Version 1.0 Quest launch, and your feedback is extremely valuable for us in this stage. Feel free to let us know any comments or suggestions, or any issues you might have run into on our Discord. Happy drumming!

Blobby Tennis

GENRE: Sports,Simulation,Tennis,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: SlinDev   

In Blobby Tennis you are standing in a relaxing beach scene, controlling a tennis racket and ball. You can do tricks, play the ball back and forth over the net with Blobby or outplay him to score points. Because beach sand isn't very bouncy this is obviously no real tennis, but open ended play with a ball without fixed rules or goals. The game is currently missing shadows in this quest version. Otherwise it's identical to what I released on other platforms in 2017. It's using a custom game engine using Vulkan for rendering, so it might crash or have other strange issues.

Parliament XR

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Maggle Creative 

Parliament XR is a free app for the Oculus Quest that allows you to go on a 360 virtual reality tour of the New Zealand Parliament. In this app, you are able to take an eight-minute interactive highlights tour - exploring the NZ Parliament from every angle. In the highlight tour, you are able to look at and select a number of different items in the scene to get more information and context about what makes up our Parliament. In Parliament XR, you can also choose from 13 individual scenes such as the Speaker’s lounge, the Deputy Speaker’s office, and a number of themed select committee rooms. Parliament XR is available in both English and Te reo Maori.

Particle Powers

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Danger Dano 

If you had the ability to give people superpowers, would you?... Well, of course! I think the real question is why not? Particle Powers is just that, it's a playground to try on different types of powers. Hop in and save the world, also let me know what you think. I have many more ideas to try out and would like to hear your answer to this question: What kind of Superpower would YOU want? ps. This is v0.0.3: Added two handed functionality for some of the powers Added more Enemies that can shoot back! Implemented hand models. Added an explosion type superpower. Added a player health system In the near future (roadmap): *More Enemies *More Enviroments *More Superpowers *Power-ups

Blocks Simulator

GENRE: Simulation,Freeplay,Kids    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Reed 

Blocks simulator allows you to play and build with simulated plastic blocks. You can explore in, on, and around what you build. When you're done, you can save your work and export a .obj of what you've made to 3D print.

Bobby Crane

GENRE: Simulation,Educational,Adventure,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Questeroid 

Bobby crane is Oculus Quest crane simulator with educational elements for kids. And absolutely free! How to play: After starting the game female voice will say what item you should take. You must take it and drop on the little running creature on the right side. Features: No menu (after launching game starts without menu so it makes the game easy for kids) No motion sickness effect. (Children can hardly bear the movements in a virtual space, so there are no movements in the game. Therefore, the game will be played in comfort) Controller and hand tracker support. You can play with controllers, but if you put them down, the hand tracker will be activated. Realistic rope physics.

Physics Playground (Experimental)

GENRE: Combat,Physics,FPS,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Exo 

Description This is an experimental tech demo for full body player physics and a physics interaction system with simulated weight and collision. Some of the tech presented in this demo may be used in other games that I am working on. Controls Slow Motion: A. Eject Magazine: B (right hand) / Y (left hand). Jump: Right Thumbstick Click. Snap/Smooth Turn: Right Thumbstick Left/Right. Virtual Crouch: Right Thumstick Down. Menu: Left Menu button to open. 'A' button or Right Trigger to select.

Calm Space

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Space,Fly,Meditation,Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Keith 

In Calm Space, players fly using their fist's direction with Oculus Quest hand tracking. To anyone reading this, I just want to say thanks for trying my app. Even if you tried it, hated it, and uninstalled it, I'm grateful that you took the time to try it out.

Camp Fireworks

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Social,Holiday,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Tiago 

This is a game that a group of friends created to be able to shoot fireworks together while respecting the social distancing guidelines and rules due to COVID19.

Carnival Quest

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Educational,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Float Pond 

A Carnival game as part of a University Project.This game was created as part of a Virtual Reality module at Nottingham Trent University, by Samuel Crosby. The game is based on a Carnival, and hosts a range of minigame stands such as a Basket Ball Hoop, Knock Over The Bottles, a Remote Control Boat, and Archery This game is not endorsed or officially affiliated by Nottingham Trent University

Chunky Orbits

GENRE: Adventure,Simulation,Space,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Kitchendon 

Chunky Orbits is a simulation of free-floating objects in space based on real life physics. Each object in the scene attracts each of the others in a cosmic tug-of-war that we call Gravity. Toss out a few boulders and contemplate the wonders of the Universe. Fill your Universe with a collection of cosmic chunks: boulders, white dwarfs, comets, and chunky fireballs. Add some trails to your rocks to trace their paths. Or bust out the sparkly photon cannon - a delete button with a kick! It's a big physics based playground. Create a random cluster of boulders and watch as they collect into larger, chunky groups. Launch a super-massive White Dwarf and observe how it affects the other bodies in the system. Create a small 'solar system' and see how many chunks you can get into orbit


GENRE: Sports,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: ShadowBrain   

Thanks for checking out the Climbey Quest demo! Sadly the full game's pitch document was denied by Oculus.This means the game will most likely not make it to the official Quest store.This demo was put together to gauge interest and show people what Climbey on Quest feels like.It showcases a few community made levels, as well as the demo level from the Steam demo.


GENRE: Simulation,Space,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: 3DStar 

Years ago humanity wisely ceased mining precious Earth resources to supply the ongoing construction of New Atlantis Space Colony and turned to the asteroids. The mineral rich Comet Belt is rougher and lonelier than you imagined. Stationed in a remote pocket of precious elemental abundance, well off the Union charts, you have to be on point all the time to profit or even survive in your DIY rig. See what you can make happen, just be careful out there, and watch out for comets!

Contra Prototype

GENRE: Experience,FPS,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Skid Vis 

Remember playing Contra on the NES? This prototype shows off what Contra's Level 2 might have looked like if it were really in 3D.

Control Tower VR-Demo

GENRE: Simulation,Flying,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: ControlTowerVR   

ontrol Tower VR puts the player in the role of an air traffic controller that draws lines in 3-dimensional space to guide each aircraft to its runway while avoiding other aircraft and obstacles in the environment. There are 5 types of aircraft to land: commercial airliner, private plane, glider, helicopter, and hot air balloon. Each aircraft present a different set of characteristics, for example, a glider cannot climb unless it is in an updraft. It is an open-ended gameplay, the player must safely land as many aircraft as possible while the difficulty increases over time.


GENRE: Simulation,Cooking,Food,Action,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Benjy3gg 

Welcome to the "CookingGame" You will need to prepare the order for your customers and make them happy. You have different ingredients and tools to make your dishes. NOTICE: It's only an alpha for now Features: Pickup ingredients with the Grip-Button Enable the teleport by touching the thumbstick and then moving the cursor over one of the teleport areas. Teleport by pressing the thumbstick button. You can also rotate the direction with the thumbstick before teleporting (direction is reversed for now (bug)) Instructions Look at the wall. You can find instructions there. Your goal is to fullfill the orders of the customers and make them happy. You see there orders above their head. The current one is in yellow. Pickup the ingredients and cook them according to their type. Dont let them burn though :) After cooking you can put the ingredients on the plate and it will track what's on the plate. You can reorder the ingredients (order depends on where the items are (up-direction)). When you have the correct items on the plate, it will merge the ingredients into an cooking tasks you want to see :)

Cosmic Flow

GENRE: Simulation,Meditation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Vedev 

Cosmic Flow is a relaxing visual experience, an audio-visual massage for the mind, a kaleidoscopic meditation.

Pick-up League Hockey

GENRE: Sports,Simulation,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Electric Falcon 

Experience hockey in VR like you've never seen it before! Full-speed, 100 percent skill-based hockey. Play in cross-region multiplayer using single and dual-hand stick control, haptics, and more!! Join our discord server for news, tournaments, and more: The latest version adds more advanced goalie movement and an option for puck control highlight!

COVID-19 VR Strikes Back

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Educational,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: ORamaVR 

Users will be trained in testing and protective measures; how to perform swabs, and how to get in and out of protective equipment - all in an engaging, immersive experience that can facilitate skill transfer from the virtual, to the real world. Privacy Policy: EULA / Terms of Use:

Planet Juggle

GENRE: Rhythm,Music,Juggling,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Ben Outram 

Ever wondered what it would be like to juggle on other planets? Planet juggle is a juggling simulation allowing you to learn from 1 to 9 balls. Juggle with reduced gravity to make learning fun and easy. You can juggle on the Moon, Pluto, Mars, Venus, Earth or Neptune! A drum beat helps you time your throws and catches, and each throw creates a beautiful sound, so you can compose music while learning to juggle.

Pocket Racer

GENRE: Racing,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Curious VR 

V2.91 - MULTIPLAYER GHOST RACING! -PIPES and HALF-PIPES! REPLAYS! MOTORCYCLE! Leaderboards for all user created maps. also... (PORTALS! INDY CARS! ONLINE TRACK SHARING, TEXTURE PACK CHANGING, TIME SCALING! SLOW-MO-MODE! See-through mesh tracks! ) PocketRacer now includes Track uploading and the ability to browse other users tracks and race against their best time.

Print Out 3D

GENRE: Action,Simulation,Print    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: PrintOut3D   

While still in very early beta the game will soon become a new spin on "X Simulator" genre with hopefully even story campain with multiple endings. We are working towards bringing more content, functionality and polish week after week. If you like the game, you can check out our social media on twitter and instagram, or even support and accelerate our progress via donation thru paypal.

Project Terminus Prologue

GENRE: Action,Adventure,Combat,Experience,FPS,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: CVR     

Project TERMINUS is a survival horror VR FPS, with Half-Life vibes. The game will take place in the city of Paris, suddenly submerged in chaos, when an invasion from unknown sources breaks out in the city. Paris will gradually become a large quarantine area where the only livings are survivors, assimilated and military forces trying to investigate on what’s happening. The current release is the prologue of the full game, not the full game. We are seeking support to develop the full game, and that's why we are launching our Kickstarter from March 16 until April 26 You can discuss with us on our discord . Feel free to report any problem you have on it Also available on Oculus Rift/Rift S here Also available on HTC Vive here WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT Hope you will enjoy the prologue.But, the journey doesn't stop here. If you believe in the project, and want to allow us to develop the full game, SUPPORT US ON KICKSTARTER All info you need for the project: CHANGELOG: version 1.1 : fixed crashes at the end of the intro scene various bugfixes ram usage optimization


GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Dean 

Pétanque DESCRIPTION Quarantined? Can't play outside? Relax and keep social distancing by playing some Pétanque / Bocce Ball with a roommate, or by yourself, until we can finally go out in public again! (Ricard supplied separately...) NOTES Intended to be a local multiplayer game for the indoors, passing the headset between between turns This game was created (very poorly) as a result of the recent social distancing measures CHANGELOG : version 1.0 It kinda works! Any

Dear Mom

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,360,Video,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: AmaVR   

What does it mean to be a mother? What does it mean to be a daughter? Vivian, a struggling artist in New York, seeks to gain the acceptance of her traditional Chinese mother. Dear Mom is an interactive narrative following Vivian and her mother as they look to the past to understand each other in the present. Can Vivian and her mother’s family bond overcome the generational differences between them?

Puzzling Places [Prototype]

GENRE: Puzzle,Experience,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable


Welcome to Puzzling Places! A FREE PROTOTYPE of a game where you build, piece-by-piece, a jigsaw puzzle of beautiful 3D models from around the world! We're still very early in development, so we're sharing this 98-piece puzzle for you to finish! We chose to release one of the harder puzzles, so if you like puzzling IRL, this’ll be a nice challenge. Game Features: Beautiful 3D puzzle - Made with a 3D Scan of the Tatev Monastery in Armenia Immersive Ambisonic Spatial Audio - Recorded on location Autosave - Take a break, and come back to play! Force Pull Puzzle Pieces - No need to get up Unlockable Audio Hotspots Seated OR Roomscale experience! more features to come! NEW PUZZLES on PATREON! Want to play new puzzles? Join our Patreon to play new Test Puzzles every week and give feedback on our Discord. Discord We have a ton of feature ideas and more puzzles to make, so if you have ideas feedback, tell us in our Discord Known Bugs: recorded gameplay on the Quest might have audio/video sync issues. Working on a fix!

Quest O Rama

GENRE: FPS,Action,Combat,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: MaxSMoke777 

Your feedback would be very helpful! Triggers - Activates whatever item you're holding Grips - climb or pickup item B or Y - both activate your grappling hook A or X - activate the inventory on the back of that hand (drop/grab) Joysticks - Typical FPS controls (Alt. Changes item in Inventory) Click Joysticks - Jet Jump (Alt. Recycles item in Inventory) Click while in Mid-Air - Slow Motion! Hold both A

QuestZDoom Launcher

GENRE: FPS,Port,Simulation,Combat,Action,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Baggyg 

Quick Start Guide: This quick start guide will get you up and running without having to manually transfer any files to you Quest: Install the latest QuestZDoom version from the desktop SideQuest application Install the latest QuestZDoom Launcher version from the desktop SideQuest application Start the QuestZDoom Launcher Accept the Permission Dialog for both the launcher and the QuestZDoom application

Die Rettung

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Für den Bayerischen Rundfunk ist “Die Rettung” das erste Projekt dieser Art, das er selbst realisiert. Von Anfang an wollten wir daraus ein Live-Erlebnis machen, bei dem unsere Nutzerinnen vor Ort auch die Möglichkeit haben, direkt Fragen zum Thema, zur Bergwacht und zu unserer Arbeit zu stellen. So können Nutzerinnen uns auch direkt Feedback zur Experience geben, damit wir sie kontinuierlich weiterentwickeln können. Erstmals wollten wir “Die Rettung” im Rahmen der Ausstellung “100 Jahre Bergwacht Bayern” im Alpinen Museum in München zeigen und anschließend wollten wir mit dem Projekt auf Tour gehen: zu Bergfilm-Festivals, zu Events in den Alpen, zu Journalist*innen-Kongressen.


GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Maximilian Maroe 

Thank you all so much for your incredibly kind reviews and thoughts. I have a VERY IMPORTANT MESSAGE on the devlog, please read: All of a sudden I don't have much room here; the description is cutting off before the end. So go here for right now for the current roadmap and notes: I will paste the old description below just in case things get fixed: Quintessence is a triple-pun for the game; one pertaining to a movie with comparative environmental styling, one regarding one of the character's names in the game and one well, that's a secret. ROADMAP: --- Sidequest is cutting off here, plz fix Phase1: Developer Days

Digging Simulator

GENRE: Adventure,Simulation,Digging,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: TSRCT 

Have you ever wished that wherever you were you could just dig a hole? Have you ever lost a rental deposit for digging too many holes in the backyard? What about ruining a camping trip because someone sprained their ankle after standing in a hole you dug in the middle of the night. If so, Digging Simulator is for you! Digging Simulator lets you dig infinite holes, using your skill, power and technique to cleave and shape the earth. As you progress you gain new tools, and learn new ways to make your mark on the benighted ground. Virtual Reality digging game - (currently available on quest) Strike terrain to dig and explore Collect treasure and unlock the depths below Discover new tools to make new holes, or power up old ones VR trackers mean velocity and direction create your hole

Rainfall Virtual Deck

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Rainfall AS 

Rainfall virtual deck was created to show clients different experiences and experience it with clients. V7.

Dino Encounters -Beta

GENRE: Simulation,Educational,Dinosaurs,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Ara Agopian   

Dino Encounters is a fun educational VR experience for the Oculus Go

RD's Carnival Shootout

GENRE: FPS,Retro,Shooter,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: GWPGearWorx     

I made RD's Carnival Shootout for my son and I decided to release for FREE. Retro fun for you and the kids. If you’d like to see it developed with additional cartridge's and features feel free to donate. Keep an eye out for “David Slade Mysteries: Case Files” for the Quest. Episode One is coming soon. “The Adventures Of Jack Jones” also for the Quest to follow at a later date!

Distress Signal

GENRE: Experience,Space,Art,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Peanut Button 

A short psychedelic experience in spaceAre you afraid of dying? You should be. You are a lost astronaut, floating alone in the empty and endless space. Your oxygen is running out and your only hope is to use the distress signal system in your spacesuit. A computerized voice responds from afar. It comes from a space drone flying by. He may be able to save you, but he won't do it immediately. He has a question for you first: HOW CAN I KNOW YOU ARE HUMAN? In this short and poetic experience, you'll be able to express yourself solely with your distress signals. This would require you to be creative when you'll try to explain the human spirit to a curious robot. And if you're lucky, you'll convince him to save you.

Real Commodore 64 (Virtually)

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: OPEN PC Reviews 

This is a fully working Commodore 64 in Virtual Reality, it's not just an emulator, it's a REAL Commodore 64 -virtually ;) When it starts up there is a large page of instructions that explain how to use it and load your own custom ROM files (d64 and d81). To lean how to use this please watch the video and/or read the full instructions listed when the app launches, otherwise you may run into issues. Also for ease of use, you can download the ROM installer bat file located on the main GitHub release page found here:


GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Strategy,Animals,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Handley 

You will blast your way through DogCorp with a straightforward goal in mind... TO GET BACK YOUR DOG! He was taken, and it's up to you as his owner to bring him home safely, but they won't go down without a fight! This game also features an incredibly unique 1:1 real-world Movement system for enhanced immersion

Realms of Eternity

GENRE: Combat,Action,Strategy,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: VRKemono   

Will feature more weapons and content as game development progresses. Planned to release on Quest, PC Quest Store and Steam. This is for now just weapon testing level, feedback is encouraged and highly appreciated.

Requiem in D minor

GENRE: FPS,Combat,Strategy,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: RandomAdjective 

The D day marked and before and after in the WWII, the beginning of the fall for the german empire. Everyday the soldiers struggled on the battlefield to fulfill their duties. Through all the time their major inspiration was his country and the people they left behind, the letters that they wrote everyday in hopes for an answer gave them the hope and strength needed to keep going. But as the empire falls apart the only thing in your mind is your family.

Ricks Toilet

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,RickandMorty    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Evan Stimpson 

Grab your headset, sit down, take a poo, and enjoy the view!

Robotics in VR

GENRE: Education,Simulation,Strategy,Experience,Robot    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: VRobot 

FIRST ROBOT ENGINEERING IN VR! Become an inventor and expert in robotics! Build, program, play. Using HTC VIVE and Oculus Rift plunge into the amazing world of virtual reality, where you can master the skills of programming and designing robots and understand (and even see!) The work of complex mechanisms. The basic design for learning is the unique LEGO EV3 Mindstorms. Features: Selection of difficulty mode: Advance; Easy; JonnyBot's unique robot humanoid; A realistic atmosphere of sci-fi; Huge space for design and programming. The whole hangar! Educational materials available in the understanding; Programming of work mechanisms for performance of tasks; Various and individual tasks for each job. You do not need to layout a robot and sort by details :)


GENRE: Arrow,Archery,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Oxters   

v0.55 'SideQuest Vertical Slice': Built for the Oculus Quest. The game currently has three modes: -Targets -Birds -Horde Each have practice, which is just the basics of that mode for now. Targets has an added olympic option. Two maps are available, but the Pirates map seems to be buggy. v0.56 'The Quiver': - Polished location menu - Added quiver model that follows player - Game mode menu now closes on game start - Added labels to sliders - Added orientation box toggle v0.57 'Calm Before the Storm': - Added ability to hold bow with left or right hand - Added tooltips for controls - Added SFX v0.58 'A Third of the Storm and Some Change': - Added new game mode to targets called Blitz - Polished game modes menu and made it follow gaze - Added "pause" menu that lets you adjust options or quit - Non-practice game modes now end - A stats view now shows up after game is over (for now only shows score) - Added arrow to the HUD that acts as a compass to the nearest target v0.59 'The Second Third of the Storm': - Birds time attack can now be played - Improved frame rate in game - More stats now show at the end of each game

Rocket Launch XR!

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Major Sky Works LLC 

If you love rockets, then you'll love Rocket Launch XR! Visit our website Grab a real-world rocket from the picture and examine it in your hand. Put it on the pedestal and launch the scale model. Wait for the parachute and follow it as it descends to the ground. Then choose "full size" and see an accurately scaled, beautifully modeled and rendered version rise from the silo. Hit the Launch button and watch it fly! Feel the awesome size and power of rockets of the world. Learn some facts about each. Browse the rocket's web page in the built-in browser to dig deep into each rocket. Whats new? Added two more rockets, Blue Origin New Glenn and SpaceX Falcon Heavy. You can now take an elevator ride to the top of the rocket and teleport up close to feel that massive real world scale. A new environment button allows you to choose your environment and launch at night. Future features: Apply your own decals and pictures on the scale model and see it full size. Launch the scale model then teleport to it to catch it as it drops by parachute. Choose your model engine and see the effects on each launch. Share the launch with multi-user Lot's more real-world rockets! Get one free rocket in the demo and 3 new rockets (4 total) when you contribute on


GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Vision Workplace 

This app allows users to explore their CAD 3D designs in VR environment. Open CAD design and Navigate inside the CAD Model. It gives seamless and realistic experience as the 3D design is real. Currently Supported Files: GLTF GLB Unitydata

Executive Potty Simulator

GENRE: Simulation,Sports,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Chris 

Play Mini-Golf on the golden throne of one of the most famous leader of this world while watching news channels or listening to smooth jazz. The five course Mini-Golf tournament contains obstacles from the president’s latest achievements like the Great Mexican Wall, The Chinese Trade War and more. It is planned to create several simulator inspired by famous leaders

Rubik's Cube

GENRE: Puzzle,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Ali Abdoli 

Simple Rubik's Cube. Can be controlled with hands or controllers, with expermintal physics based mode as well. You can pickup the cube and rotate it by holding both the trigger and the grab button anywhere. Rotate by just using the trigger. For hand tracking, pinch 2 fingers with the thumb to grab, and 1 finger to rotate.

RVMX Arcade Game

GENRE: FPS,Adventure,Experience,Simulation,Sports,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable


5 different arcade games including bowling, basketball hoops and others to have fun. Teleportation system only. We are releasing this for free to the community. Follow us on social media for updates about our next VR game. We will need beta testers for Rift, Vive and Quest when its completed. We also develop VR and AR apps for enterprises.

Ferrari Ride

GENRE: Racing,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Dondash 

NEW CONTROL, NEW GAME Change log: Added new control (use triggers instead of joystick) and steering wheel "grabbing" Added a NEW map: DD (Desert Drift) Added a NEW car: the MONSTER TRUCK (bring back MTM95!), goes really well with new map Added support for manual transmission using hand trigger for shifting gears Added basic HAND TRACKING support (AIR DRIVING) for gas and steering Updated some configuration on the car (like Force induction(you can hear it too!)) Added speedmeter as Speed is key! Messed up the lightning with too much changes and loosing track of what changes :D PLEASE leave a comment it always help! Enjoy this Ferrari ride along a mountain! HAND TRACKING INCLUDED!! The car physics is based on a custom wheel collider and give a good semi realistic driving experience IMO. (not my creation)

Saber Thing

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Dan Shimmyo 

Saber Thing is a science experiment that I started back in early 2018 for the SteamVR platform. The general concept has always been to provide a very satisfying VR experience by pushing the technology as hard as possible for a solo developer. And now I'm seeing how far I can push the Oculus Quest!

Science Simulations

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Kosmos School 

This demo of Science Simulations includes 3 different physics simulations, perfect for the classroom or at home. They are a great learning resource, because they are interactive, engaging and effective (especially for understanding abstract concepts). Highlights Run experiments and simulations to teach and learn science Automatically generates data and charts for analysis NGSS aligned, perfect for your classroom or at home There are 3 different physics simulations in this demo Gravity and Air Resistance Conservation of Energy Magnetic Fields Feedback We'd love to hear your thoughts on our app and how we can improve it to make it more useful to you.

Finger Concerto

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Simulation,Freeplay,Music,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Stephen Rogers 

Give a big hand for the Finger Concerto! Finger Concerto allows you to have your own orchestra in the palm (and digits) of your hand! Use the Quest's Hand Tracking to play your favorite songs and tunes. Each finger performer can be changed individually to match your musical taste. With 120 Instruments to choose from, here are millions of possibilities!

Founders Pitch VR

GENRE: Simulation,Educational,Self help,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Founders Workshop 

Be prepared for any question an investor ask. Practice and perfect your pitch in a VR simulating a pitch to actual investors. Founders Pitch VR puts you in a room with virtual investors. They will ask you questions about your venture. Get an advantage over your competition by being prepared for your investor pitch only with Founders Pitch VR.

Fugitive 3D

GENRE: Simulation,Multiplayer,Social,    MODE: Cross Platform    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Stumpy Dog Studios 

Play hide and seek with your friends on a warm summer night. Hide behind bushes as the Cops search for you. Make your way to the end zone without getting caught! If you're friend gets frozen by the police, you have to decide if it's worth trying to go rescue them. Or be the Cops, and drive around in your cop car shinning your flashlight into dark corners. Features: Cross-platform! VR and Flat players can play together. Server browser: Find a game quickly from any platform! Positional VOIP: hear the fugitives whispering in the bushes as you search for them. Watch the Replay: At the end of the round talk with everyone about how close they were to catching you as you all watch a replay over the round! Free and Open Source! Even runs on Android phones, so your one lame friend with no VR and no PC can still join in on the fun :P As a Cop Your job is to hunt down the Fugitives and bring them to justice. It's a dark night out, and they are good at hiding, so you'll have to get them in your flashlight to see them. Luckily you've got your trusty cop car. You can quickly patrol the streets, picking up your fellow cops and dropping them off strategically around the city. As a Fugitive You're on the run, but Johnny law is in hot pursuit. You'll have a few seconds head start, stay out of sight! You have to get to the safe zone to escape. But if the Cops see you, you're as good as dead.

Shooting Arena

GENRE: FPS,Puzzle,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Shooting Arena 

The VR Arcade Shooting Range Blast frenzied targets before time runs out. Lose health when you fail, win it back with your hit streaks.


GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Puzzle,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: SKYLECT     

SKYLECT is the next generation collaboration


GENRE: Sports,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: IVR 

Enjoy playing golf, and swing for the target with unusal clubs and targets.

Slenderman The Eight Pages VR

GENRE: Horror,Simulation,Action,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: xVoltageG 

This Project Is Still In Development And Things Will Change! This Is A UNOFFICIAL Recreation Of Slenderman The Eight Pages In VR, I Created This Project Because Slenderman Isn't Really Talked About Much Anymore And I Haven't Seen Many Virtual Reality Versions Of Slenderman With 6 Degrees Of Freedom So I Decided To Put My Time Into Making A VR Version From Scratch. Thank You To Parsec Productions For Creating Such An Amazing Game Which Provided Lots Of Scares And Laughs For Everyone And I Hope I Can Immerse That Horror Just As Good Using VR.

Grand Reality : VR Piano

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Simulation,Music,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Robin S.   

Imagine sitting down to a beautiful, full-size, perfectly-tuned grand piano. Grand Reality gives you the experience of owning a grand piano, without spending $50,000. Built for both the beginner pianist and the virtuoso, you can watch pieces being played on the piano in front of you. Slow it down, repeat it, or just sit back and enjoy the music. Requires hand-tracking to be enabled on your Quest. Features Custom MIDI - you can drop your .mid files in a folder on your Quest and have them play in Grand Reality Rich-sounding piano, sampled from a real grand piano Fully-animated piano with moving hammers, dampers, pedals and keys Bluetooth/USB connectivity - allows you to see key-presses in VR Hand-tracking Bluetooth/USB Piano Connectivity You have two options to connect your piano; via Bluetooth, or with a USB connection. Connecting your real piano to Grand Reality unlocks the ability to see key presses in VR and use some of the practice modes.

Smithy's Kitchen

GENRE: Simulation,Action,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Matthew Cormack   

This was originally made for Global Game Jam 2020 in 48 hours by a team of two programmers (@johnjoemcbob

Snap Blocks

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Kosmos School   

Snap Blocks lets you build whatever you desire with blocks. You don’t need to be Picasso to be creative. Snapping blocks together is fun and easy, and the only limit is your imagination. You can support the development of Snap Blocks by donating on Itch. Alpha version Snap Blocks is currently in alpha. This means that this is not a super duper polished version. It means you'll see frequent updates with bug fixes, new features and other improvements. It also means that you might encounter some bugs here and there. Please let us know if you do. While we offer the alpha for free, we offer the possibility to support us by donations when downloading Snap Blocks. Everyone who donates now will get the full version for free. About Kosmos School We're a small studio called Kosmos School. We're Dorena and Can. The best way to follow us is on Twitter (@kosmosschool.) Additionally, you can find us on our Discord or reach via good old email ( We've published the source code for Snap Blocks on our GitHub.

Hand Physics Lab

GENRE: Simulation,Puzzle,Hand Tracking,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Holonautic   

Time to play around with Hand and Finger Physics! Enjoy VR like never before by having full control of your hands and fingers to interact physically with your environment and many different objects and experiences! Hand Physics Lab is an experimental project forged by Holonautic and directed by Dennys Kuhnert, also behind the well known fun and fast-paced physics-based action VR Game Holoception.Discover several experiences to interact with your hands including: Interactive Buttons and Controllers Tools including Hammer, Knife and Crowbar Building blocks playground! Drawing board with finger painting Egg Painting Station with your own fingers! Typing on a mechanical keyboard The famous Useless machine Weight lifting Interactive and animated Puppet Play with OR without gravity! Play with Telekinesis and Force Fields! Resize your hands from tiny to HUGE!


GENRE: Social,Adventure,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Softspace Inc.     

Softspace is a new productivity and collaboration tool for creative people. Computers are fantastic. They give us superpowers. But every phone and laptop is limited by the same thing: its tiny, flat display. All that information, locked away inside. Spatial computing sets it free. Spatial computing means interacting with digital things in 3D space. It's a new way of using a computer inspired by a very old place: the physical world. That's why you're already so good at it. Learn more at


GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Hand Tracking,Horror,Funny,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Daniel Beauchamp 

A collection of hand tracking oddities.Take a moment to reflect on your hands as you enjoy jazzy tunes in a surreal handscape. Current experiences include: Big hands Small hands Long hands Fractal hands Floppy hands Wrong hands Kaleidoscope hands


GENRE: Music,Creative,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: James Surine 

SoundStage VR is a virtual reality music sandbox built specifically for room-scale VR. Whether you’re a professional DJ creating a new sound, or a hobbyist who wants to rock out on virtual drums, SoundStage gives you a diverse toolset to express yourself. This is not an officially supported Google product.

Space Walk VR Experience

GENRE: Adventure,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: ForthInteract     

Go for a Space Walk and feel the vastness of space with your Oculus Go. Three adventure levels: The Earth: Exit the space shuttle and chill out, orbiting over any part of The Earth to view the continents and oceans. Set the time-of-day to view sunrises and night lights. Complete challenges to recover satellites to the space shuttle. Save The World! An asteroid is heading towards Earth. Navigate through the asteroid's tunnels to plant explosives to destroy it in a race against time. 15 levels with 3 levels of difficulty. The Space Station. Float around the outside of the Space Station and view the fully working Canadarm remote arm and visiting HTV supply vessels. Complete a puzzle fixing solar panels - randomly different puzzle every time. Download by clicking the "On Itch" button top-right. If you like the experience, please consider making a small donation. :-)

Harvest VR

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Freeplay,Farm,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Harvest VR   

To the fields and beyond!It's a beautiful day out here in the countryside. Might as well enjoy it doing your job. Grow some plants, sell some veggies, or head to town to buy some new tools for the farm. Enjoy the countryside. Grow more than 8 different kinds of plants. Sell vegetables to gain money and buy new tools. Work hard or hardly work. Save the game inside your house. Do some fishing. Unlock items for your house or the farm!


GENRE: Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Thomas Van Bouwel 

REQUIRES A MINIMUM PLAY AREA OF 3x3M (10x10ft) ABOUT Defy gravity on floating sky-gardens in order to fix the broken stars in the night sky. StarFixer is a free locomotion roomscale game played in a 3x3m space. It was made during Global Game Jam 2020 by Benjamin Lancry, Valentin Löfberg, David Mestdagh and Thomas Van Bouwel. CONTROLS grabbing: grip buttons restart level: X/A buttons

Haunted Mountain

GENRE: Experience,Horror,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Derek M Houser 

A pleasant evening in a mountain cabin takes a turn for the worst....Do you have what it takes to survive the Haunted Mountain? Don't close your eyes!

Haunted Warehouse

GENRE: Horror,Adventure,Simulation,Escape,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Derek M Houser 

You are stuck in an abandoned warehouse.The exciting sequel to Haunted Mountain! You were taken to an abandoned warehouse, where you quickly find out you are not alone. Can you escape before you are found?


GENRE: Simulation,Experience,FPS,Combat,Action,Flying,Multiplayer,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Chesstar   

Hibow is a competitive multiplayer VR game with fierce arrow shooting and refreshing flying experience. It provides a smooth archery and flying experience guaranteed by hundreds of updates. With unique muscle memory flying system, you will love it once you’ve tried it. Creative features for bows and arrows allowing sniping, scattering, explosion and even blinding! Yes, It’s more than imagination! Along with powerful secondary weapon system, you’ll easily accomplish various unbelievable movements. Well-designed Battle Royale mode for VR archery, exicting fighting experience will definitely make everyone keep playing it over and over again. Plus full body IK system, dressing up store and various social interactions and social game modes. Hibow will not only give you joy and unforgettable experience, but also friendships.


GENRE: Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Steven 

Stuck is a recreation of found footage from a 2-year-old livestream for the Oculus Quest FEATURING Experience the claustrophobia, boredom, and fear of being stuck Discover coping mechanisms for isolation in confined spaces firsthand Embrace the expanse of time and develop an appreciation for open space ABOUT My freshman year I was stuck in an elevator for an hour. 32 minutes of that hour I streamed live from the inside of that elevator while emergency services got to work. I'm not an influencer or even an extrovert, but I thought whether it be dying for the vine or killing time I knew I didn't want to be alone. So, I opened up Facebook live and streamed for the very first time. To stay calm I joked about making a VR game about my experiences and two years later I found myself in a class called CTAN 504 Virtual Reality Production where I was able make good on that two year old promise. An interdepartmental collaboration with Thorton School of Music, John. C. Hench Animation Division, and the Interactive Entertainment and Games Division.

High Seas

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: CVR   

What if you were lost on the ocean in VR ? HighSeas is a VR game on Oculus Quest where you face the roughest sea and try to survive as long as possible.This game is the full version of the VR experience


GENRE: Combat,Experience,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: busido90 

Do you know Japan's National Sports, "SUMO". You can experience it as game.Let's try it!


GENRE: Horror,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: SirFansi 

Hello, Welcome in this little VR experince, brace yourself because it will be as scary as you get on Quest. ;) It should be very comfortable for you, you don't need to teleport or do any weird movement. Just take a torchlight, gun and show how long you can survive. xD If you have any tip or advice how to make game better for everyone, I would love to hear it. Enjoy.

Synthetic Biology

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Anthony 

Participants take control in altering the DNA of living organisms, and understanding the impact of those changes and the possibilities they could have on our future.

Home Plate Baseball

GENRE: Sports,Baseball,Fitness,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Beep2Bleep   

Home Plate Baseball is a baseball simulator and mini-game collection for VR HMD with motion controllers.


GENRE: Simulation,Music,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: 42tones 

SynthVR is a modular synthesizer environment for virtual reality.

Tavern Tales Tabletop Adventures

GENRE: TableTop,Social,Strategy,Simulation,Adventure,    MODE: Multiplayer    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: StudioShinto 

Tavern Tales: Tabletop Adventures is currently in closed beta. Anyone can explore the tavern and try out the map creation tools, but In order to play online, you will need a Tavern Tales account Tavern Tales: Tabletop Adventures is every tabletop enthusiast's pipedream made manifest. It gives you all the things that you know and love about traditional tabletop games, as well as giving both players and DMs tools that couldn't possibly exist in the real world - creating an immersive online TRPG experience like no other. Jump into your own personal tavern that’s stocked to the rafters with all the miniatures, dungeon tiles, scenery, and set pieces you could ever want. Take a break from the story over a round of ale, or have mug stacking competition. Use a range of tools that make building and maintaining your world take minutes, not hours, and most importantly - get lost in your very own fantasy world. Come together, role dice, slay goblins, and tell stories that live and breath like you do.

The book of Isabel

GENRE: Adventure,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Don den Boef 

This game tells the story of Isabel, a 19 year old girl who had a traumatic traffic accident. During the experience you will walk through the memories and feelings of recovery. Experiencing what she went through and hearing her thoughts from a safe distance Movement: Teleport system Handtracking: not supported Duration: /- 30 min

The Dolls Room 2

GENRE: Horror,Puzzle,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Virtuarian 

About the game The head of a doll left in the toilet. Put it on a headless doll in the doll's room. And return to the entrance. The mansion is dark.Use the right hand light to move forward.

The Maintenance Room

GENRE: Experience,Action,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: RC Games 

Welcome to the maintenance room! We present our interactive sandbox where you can feel the thrill of shooting bottles, playing on an arcade, experiencing fear of flamingos and more on our spaceship powered by totally reliable engines while looking at a friendly planet.

Mind Palace

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Modern Studio 

Meet the new way to collaborate for productivity in your company.Mind Palace, a multi-players application to collaborate, with voice, to see and visit 3D building, loaded from SharePoint. The future of Architecture tools in virtual reality is here ! Enter in the new dimension of working with your 3D models in the format you like (BIM, FBX, OBJ). Mind Palace is an application with network interaction to save money: you don't need to buy flight ticket anymore to collaborate and visit new place. Mind Palace do the visit for you, with you.

The Naturalist's Workshop

GENRE: Science,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: VRPlants 

The Naturalist’s Workshop uses beautiful 3D scans to highlight the value and usage of botanical collections. Students and museum patrons of middle school, high school, and undergraduate/adult audiences enjoy exploring the Naturalist’s Workshop in play sessions of 5-15 minutes. Players explore drawers containing botanical specimens and tools-of-the-trade of a naturalist. While exploring, the participant can receive new information about any specimen by dropping it into a virtual examination tray. 360-degree photography and three-dimensionally scanned specimens are used to allow user-motivated, immersive experience of botanical meta-data such as specimen collection coordinates.

The OmniGallery

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Adventure,Museum ,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Eternal Echoes VR 

The first of these exhibits, The Classic Hill, features some of the best of classical art. I collected around 300 public domain works, selected over 60 for this showcase, and added over a dozen 3D sculptures scanned from real statues, that people were so kind to upload for free. The rest of the 200 works will be displayed in the upcoming dimensions of The OmniGallery. This is a very optimized version of the game. Download the full version for Rift at the Oculus Store or at Please consider donating so I can keep releasing the update and new exhibitions for free at Enjoy!

Modern Times

GENRE: Simulation,Construction,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: J4NW 

A short experience about the joy of hitting stuff and the dread of industrialization.You'll drive in some nails and screws, and you'll be judged on your performance. That's essentially it.

The Simulator for Active Distracted Driving

GENRE: Educational,Driving,Safety,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Beyond CAD 

Practice your driving skills in virtual reality, see how hard it is to drive distracted, and play through themed levels to try for a perfect score!

Monster Within

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Coder Cat 

Monster Within is a short interactive experience about the unpredictable nature of social acceptance. It tries to explore how changes to our appearance can alter societies attitude towards you. Society views you as a monster, even though you are the same person you always were.

Mystery Forest VR

GENRE: Adventure,Experience,Simulation,Open World,Archery,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Double Axe Games   

Open world survival game for Oculus Quest. Archery (2 types of bows and 5 types of arrows) Climbing (Make your own rope to climb across graps, or find climbing locations) Inventory (Grab it from your back and collect everything you find) Logging and Mining (Because you can craft and smelt as well!) Hunger (Be aware, that you could get hungry) Tools (They can do stuff!)

Trippy Hall of Faces

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Ben Outram 

Trippy iridescent virtual space to sit in while it caresses your brain. Press buttons on left and right controllers to change the colour scheme in the environment. Warning: the colors may melt your mind. Upcoming release will use tech developed here to generate iridescent worlds. Follow my YouTube channel for updates. Credits: Creator: Ben Outram Music: Tom Shephard


GENRE: Racing,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: Phil 

TURBOKITES The fastest VR racing game out there! Turbokites is a powerful combination of third person high-speed action and immersive VR feeling. Master your kite and race against the clock or on adventurous tracks all over the galaxy. Pull the trigger and feel the speed. The power of the kite lies in your hands. CONTROLS: Trigger buttons activate each booster To go left pull the left controller towards your body. To go right the right controller. JUMP: When in mid-air (after you hit the ramp) spread your arms to activate fly mode (The wings of the kite will expand - like in the video at second 24) For a hard turn you can release the trigger button on the side where you want to go e.g. for a hard left turn pull the left controller towards your body and let go the left trigger button. PRE-RELEASE VERSION! This is a super early version to share the basic gameplay and controls. It is just a very short track and won't bring a lot of fun for more then a few minutes. I'm currently working on new bigger levels and a ghost car option so that there is at least someone you can race against. If you have any feedback, wishes or anything else, please let me know:

Virtual Gallery of Art

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Museum,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Grzegorz Lipski 

The VR Gallery includes 140 pieces by Zygmunt Niewiadomski, reconstructed by photogrammetry. You can discover there above 690 square meters of gallery, listen to music, voice-over recordings, drag and drop objects and much more! Audio and text in Polish.

Virtual Whiteboard

GENRE: Art,Drawing,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Andrew Combs 

A simple app that allows you to draw on a chalkboard. App was just declined from the Oculus Start program, so I'm posting it here instead. It's very rudamentary, and uses a very bad system for setting pixels because I cannot write shaders. If the app is recieved well, I can gather a team to further develop it and make it faster, more user-friendly, more complete, etc. I can also make it open source if people want that.


GENRE: Music,Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Really Interactive 

Virtuoso is a new way to make music that is easy to get into and deep enough to wow a concert crowd. Gone are the days of clunky virtual pianos, these instruments were built for VR, and for creating without pausing the music. Record using live looping, creating anything from satisfying ambient droning to hip hop or upbeat techno as you go. Connect to any music program using MIDI, or bring your headset anywhere and play with the built-in sounds. The sky's the limit for what you can put into your music, but even as a beginner you’ll feel like a Virtuoso.

Voxel Works Quest

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Simulation,Adventure,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: NeoSpark314 

How to Play In standard mode you can walk with the sticks and use the X/A button for mining/crafting/building. In sportive mode you need to jog in place for locomotion and perform a wide swing for interaction (see also the video on the left). This version has hand tracking enabled but keep in mind that you need good conditions for hand tracking to work reliably enough for gaming. Touch controllers is the recommended way to play.


GENRE: Menditation,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: QNM 

My app use 360 video for guiding people how to meditation.

VR Fire Extinguisher Training

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Saritasa 

Learn the PASS (Pull-Aim-Squeeze-Sweep) method of proper fire extinguisher use along with the different types of fire and extinguishers. Then test your skills in 3 difference real world scenarios. Can be used as hands on training to help complete annual OSHA training requirements.

VR Interaction Framework

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: BNG 

The VR Interaction Framework is an asset for Unity that allows developers to quickly create interactions on the Oculus Quest. Current features include physical grabbables, bow and arrow physics, climbing, hand jets, pistol / shooting mechanics, and a lot more. Updates are frequent and lots of features are on the way.

VR Kaleidoscope

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: RomamoramenTo 

Press left/right trigger to move cameras and left/right thumbstick to zoom spheres.

VR Lander

GENRE: Simulation,Experience,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Immer 

Land a lunar module, similar as in the classic game "Lunar Lander", but in VR :) This is a work in progress, but fully playable and has 6 levels. Note: best played while seated. After finishshing every level with infinite fuel, the game starts into challenge mode, where the fuel is limited. Every round you progress, you'll have 1s less fuel. How many rounds can you play? Donate, click here Controls Thrust - left trigger Pitch/Roll - right thumbstick Yaw - left thumbstick reset level - Y reset game - menu button Changelog V 0.0.3 - 14.1.2020 Added challenge mode with limited fuel Fixed bug with blurry font V 0.0.2 - 7.1.2020 Fixed bug that prevented resetting the game after completing the final level

VR Sand

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Puzzle,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Phylliida 

VR Sand is a 3D falling sand toy (similar to the popular two-dimensional Powder Toy) which allows you to watch and interact with various colored elements. Within the outlined play area you can place 15 different elements and see how they react. Feature List -Supports sitting, standing, and 360 degree room-scale configurations -Stretch the box to make it larger or smaller -Left and right-handed support -Variable brush sizes -Source blocks that generate other blocks -Due to performance limitations on the Quest, this supports up to 24x24x24 particles. This size was chosen to allow you to do whatever you want within the space (including filling it up with explosives) and not get any frame rate dips. Particle List -Water -Fire -Sand -Stone -Plant -Concrete -C4 -Gunpowder -Oil -Gas -Dirt -Seed (put in Dirt to grow plants) -Void -Lava -Ant I've decided to put this up for free because due to performance it's a much smaller playspace then the PC Version on Steam. But if you like it, feel free to donate. I plan to eventually add saving functionality, on all versions of VR Sand. I don't plan on adding more blocks because that will decrease performance even further, and thus require an even smaller playspace. If I'm able to add any more without that issue I might, but please understand there are no promises of further elements. Enjoy :)


GENRE: Simulation,Combat,Action,FPS,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: MrPineappleStudio 

Kill all the enemies to advance to the next level You controll the tank with the right controller and the tower with the left. If people like this game I will make it multiplayer and a lot nicer looking. Let me know! I make beginner tutorials for the oculus quest and unity if you want to create this game there is a full tutorial series on youtube!


GENRE: Hand Tracking,Simulation,Education,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Pavel Marceluch 

VRtuos Pro: VRtuos Pro offers more updates and features. If you enjoy VRtuos, you'll enjoy this even more. You will also directly support further development. Thanks :)


GENRE: Art,Draw,Paint,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: pedrock90 

This is an alpha version of a drawing 3D app. its based on the basic mechanics of tiltbrush Im currently working on this app, so if you got some ideas to improve it I will be very happy to read you Enjoy this experience of drawing in 3D with lines of different thicknesses, colors, change the skybox to suit your ideas.

V Speedway

GENRE: Racing,Simulation,Experience,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Intense

Creator: SkyArcher 

About the game V-Speedway is a classic arcade racing game with plenty of opponents and long winding racetracks, running at native 72 fps. The current version is a free prerelease alpha that I'm shaping up to become a complete game, and it's currently made of placeholder assets only. Once the final game is released, this version will live as a free demo. I'm developing this game in my free time, both for my love of arcade racing, both to fill a void in the current Quest games catalogue, especially when it comes to driving.

Weekend at Grandmas

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Justin   

You're spending the weekend at grandma's house, and she needs your help setting up her VCR and TV. Connect the cables, pop in a VCR, and reminisce with grandma. A 3-5 minute relaxing experience. Made by: Programming and design: Cole Bonnema, Justin Carpenter, Parker Hamilton Art: Amanda Wylie, Issac Young, Thorne Drwal Narrative: Dan Steinmetz Sound: Ami Patel, Cole Krueger, James Post Music: Alex Riak

Weird Chillout

GENRE: Hand Tracking,Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: GOCCO   

These chillouts help free from fixed body-image by stretching a part of the body. 01: Stretch fingers This chillout gives you the experience freely finger joints. 02: Jiggly hands This chillout gives you the experience to be jiggly fingers.

Wellness in Place

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a lot of stress in everyone's lives. At times, it can feel very overwhelming. Designed by well-known Pyschotherapist and author Kari Joys, Wellness in Place is a simple app containing calming and peacful therapy sessions for those needing some help and guidance. Please try Wellness in Place if you are looking for a calm, reassuring environment to find more balance in your life. In our first version, we offer 3 different therapy modules. Facing Change Overcoming Anxiety Healthy Communication Each module is 10 minutes long and allows you to track your sense of well-being. These modules can be repeated as often as you wish. Stay in touch because we'll be updating this app and also offering new ones!

Whale Watch

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Adventure,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: Zee 

In this experience you'll get submerged into a colorful underwater environment. You'll get to watch the fish, jellies and a whale if you're patient.

Yet Another Waveshooter

GENRE: Experience,Simulation,Strategy,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Average

Creator: Dennis Heine 

YAWS (Yet Another Waveshooter) is a waveshooter in three epochs (fantasy, present, and future). Defend yourself against never ending waves of enemies with increasing difficulty until you die. After death, you will be transported to the next level. Engage in an immersive experience with anit-motionsickness movement to gain the top score. Press (A) or "Grip" to reload. Set graphic settings to "high" for enabling voluminetric lightning.


GENRE: Fitness,Music,Action,Simulation,    MODE: Single Player    COMFORT: Comfortable

Creator: YUR 

Turn Movement into Data V19 FIRMWARE KILLED THE APP - PLEASE UPDATE OR IT WILL DISRUPT TRACKING NEW UPDATE: UPDATES HAPPEN THROUGH HEADSET (NO NEED TO UPDATE OFF HEADSET) Features Predictive Heart Rate Estimated Calorie Burn 1-60 Leveling Squat Counter Mobile Apps Fitness Dashboard