VR Game Releases in May 2022

  • VR Game Releases in May 2022

April has been exciting with the Meta Quest Gaming Showcase but the month of May won’t be a drab one as we are expecting a number of VR titles to drop in the course of the month. Here is a quick rundown of some of the VR titles to look forward to this month.

Little Cities

Platform: Quest

Launch Date: May 12

Little Cities saw a last-minute delay last month but this exciting city builder is now more than guaranteed to launch mid this month. The game launches on May 12 on both Quest 1 and Quest 2 platforms. You will immerse yourself in a virtual reality city-building experience where you will be building urban sprawls across several levels. You will upgrade the cities to unlock lots of exciting features as well as new buildings. Future updates of this VR title will include hand tracking support. Check it out

Omega Pilot

Platform: PC VR

Launch Date: May 12

Omega Pilot is a futuristic driving game developed by XOCUS. The May 12 release will be an Early Access and will come with an asynchronous multiplayer mode. The full version of the game is arriving at the end of the year and will be fully featured. Check out Omega Pilot on Steam.

The Last Taxi VR

Platform: PC VR

Launch Date: May 31

The Last Taxi VR is a great conversation starter inside an immersive environment. You are cast as a taxi human driver at the end of the world in a dystopian future where the residual human civilization left is anchored by automation, surveillance as well as human modification You go through long hours of work and terrible pay but you have to earn money from your job to keep your vehicle in tip-top shape. Find The Last Taxi on Steam.

Swordsman VR

Platform: Quest

Launch Date: May 26th

Swordsman VR is a physics-based and story-driven medical combat game where you will be slicing and dicing through your foes in diverse arenas as well as different historical eras. You play a combat game in which every action is physics-based, including the bodies and weapons. You will be customizing your warrior and battling against different factions in combat actions taking place in epic arenas. You have to defeat your powerful foes and then unlock their special boss weapons as your fight your way to save humanity from an evil being that is walking the Earth to try and enslave humanity. This is an App Lab release. There is also an Advanced Combat update that arrives on PC VR, Quest, and PSVR and which features thousands of new animations and much more. Check out Swordsman VR on the Quest website.

Area Man Lives

Platform: Quest, PC VR

Launch Date: 12th May

In Area Man Lives, there is a quirky drama unfolding around you as you do your utmost best to ensure the radio is humming on as the new local radio DJ. You will be interviewing callers, recording commercials, and trying hard to grasp the consequences of your actions in the station on your listening audience as you employ your voice in solving puzzles. This is a blast from the past and emanates from the Google Daydream days. Find Area Man Lives on Steam.

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